Cynthia Bailey Calls Out Kenya Moore’s Lies! Plus, Why Is She Disappointed In Kandi & Phaedra?


On this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, new Housewife Kenya Moore continued to rub Cynthia the wrong way! Kenya had a lunch with Kandi and Phaedra in which she distorted the story of what happened between Kenya and Cynthia at the Bailey Agency, and Cynthia is calling her out to set her straight on her lies. Plus, she is a bit disappointed in how Kandi and Phaedra reacted to Kenya’s story.

Cynthia took to her Bravo blog to explain how Kenya lied to the ladies:

It was Nene’s idea to not make the party just about her own success, and to make it a celebration for all the successful women in our circle. I loved it! At least for one afternoon the girls would get all dolled up, sip champagne, and celebrate each other. The party was a huge success, the ladies were stunning and positive affirmation filled the air. However, there were a couple of bumps in the road:

Kenya telling Phaedra and Kandi that JET magazine asked her to be a judge at The Bailey Agency.

Cynthia — that’s the first lie. I invited Kenya to The Bailey Agency, and had I not she would have not been there, period. Out of the kindness of my heart I asked JET if they would mind if she joined us. While they weren’t exactly jumping up and down about it, I got them to agree to let her come.
Tip: Never tell a lie that you will definitely get caught in. Especially if the truth will eventually play out on national television.

Sidebar: No one has the authority to invite anyone to do anything at The Bailey Agency without my approval. EVERYTHING has to go through me first since it is my school.

Kenya telling Phaedra and Kandi that her security kicked Carlton (my assistant) out of The Bailey Agency.

Cynthia — And that would be the second lie. The man at the school with Kenya approached Carlton, we all had words, and he was told to have a seat. That’s exactly what he did. End of story.

Sidebar: I had no idea that guy was her bodyguard . I just assumed he was a family member who just came along with her for the car ride.

Extra sidebar: It was a bit disappointing to watch Kandi and Phaedra faces light up with so much joy when Kenya was berating me at their first lunch. Their facial expressions were irreplaceable and unforgettable.

How stupid of Kenya to tell such a biased and false story to the ladies when the real story would be played out on TV! Kenya is too much, too soon for my taste and I’m glad Cynthia is being more outspoken and defending herself. As for her disappointment with Kandi and Phaedra for giggling and smirking at the commotion Kenya started at Cynthia’s school, that is a little weird but I don’t think it’s something to take so seriously especially since the drama between the Talls vs. the Smalls was pretty much erased when Cynthia invited them to NeNe’s party later on in the episode!

What do you think? Do you think Kenya is really delusional or is she playing up the drama for the cameras that she can’t even keep stories straight?

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