Alexia Echevarria Says Karent Plays Victim; Karent Blames The Ladies’ Insecurities!


This week on Real Housewives of Miami, Alexia threw a summit dinner for all the women to attempt to put the drama in the past. Keyword: attempt. Did they succeed? Not really! It became a gang-up on Karent that brought Joanna to her defense, yet again, and ended with Adriana and Joanna fighting, yet again.

Alexia is taking to her Bravo blog to recount her summit dinner. She says Karent was invited to tell the women to their faces what she thought of them, but she believes Karent likes to play victim when in Alexia’s opinion, Karent is the root of all the drama amongst the group. All Alexia wants is for Karent to admit that she trashed the ladies in her article:

I wanted to get all the girls together to talk face-to-face about everything going on, instead of behind each others back like usual. I haven’t been present when a lot of the the drama has unfolded. . .I usually hear about it the next day or so and from different people and in different versions.

I called Karent to invite her to my house. I didn’t quite understand or believe that she would be apprehensive to come when she herself has put herself in this situation every single time. Besides Joanna and Lisa would be there to defend her, once again. It’s amusing to see her play the victim! It’s also interesting to watch her on the other side of the phone conversation and hear her tone of negativity and sort of imply that she wants nothing to do with problems when she has so far created all the problems.

The only one that should have been fearful of this meeting in my home was me — especially after the way they all behaved at Lisa’s. My home is sacred and that is why I welcomed them with holy water. . .I didn’t want the negative energy of a few of these ladies in my home.

I’m not sure how much was resolved or what we accomplished exactly, but I was happy that after lots of arguing and cursing between Adriana and Joanna they at least made peace for the moment. Again, Joanna butts in to defend Karent against Marysol and Adriana, and Karent takes the high road as she likes to call it. LOL! Seriously? Why can’t you just admit you spoke to the writer willingly and spoke about us that way because that is the way you feel about us. I’m fine with that you don’t have to like us but stop lying and blaming others and making excuses. . .That’s all!!!!

Karent retaliates in her blog that she was hesitant to go to Alexia’s since she hasn’t been so kind when they’ve seen each other in public, but she was optimistic so she decided to go. Karent denies speaking negatively about the women to any blogger and thinks she is a target for the ladies because of their own insecurities!

As I am spending some quality time with my mom, I receive a phone call from Alexia. I waited on the line for her to speak, because she just remained quiet once I answered. She then finally goes on to invite me over to her house, and to be honest, I was very hesitant due to her unwarranted attacks and childish behavior the last couple of times I have seen her in person. She goes on to tell me that “she doesn’t want to be mean, because that is not her style.” Wow, could’ve fooled me. . .

I am not a person to hold grudges and I guess I am a hopelessly optimistic person, so I decided to accept her invitation, but, nevertheless still very weary of her real intentions for having me over. I could only hope that they would finally allow me the respect to speak, the same way I have always given them their time to speak their mind. I guess I can hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Marysol goes on to say that she is upset with me because of the article that was written and what I had “supposedly said.” Even though I have told them plenty of times that I didn’t say any of those words describing the women, she refuses to believe what I am saying. She says “I am trashing the character of all of us and in public relations that is all you have.” It seems to me that a true publicist would look for the truth and be sure of what she is talking about instead of coming to conclusions, and accusing someone without really knowing the facts. But, in reality, she wasn’t interested in the truth, she was just part of the scheming group of mean girls saying anything just to try to make me look bad. Why so much hatred? Don’t know, but hopefully they can find peace within themselves, because when they just lash out and try to bring others down, it’s just insecurities on their part.

We need to teach people in this world to A) not jump on the “mean” bandwagon B) promote peace and C) stop the hate.

Do you believe Karent bashed the RHOM women, or did the blogger misconstrue her words? Do you think it doesn’t matter and they should get over it and give Karent a chance based on her actions, not some article in the paper?

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