Article For AllAboutTRH On The DePaulia Newspaper In Chicago!


Hello AllAboutTRH readers. Hope everyone is having a pleasant day. The weather in Michigan is beautiful right now so I’m getting ready to take a walk! Yesterday, I got an article written about me in The Depaulia Newspaper in Chicago. Unfortunately I don’t have the paper to put up here but just want to make sure I constantly thank you for making the site what it is today.

I’m happy to announce that the site is only getting bigger and better and if it wasn’t for my readers, none of this would be possible. I just want to personally thank you for the constant kind words and support. I love communicating with all of you and I am so happy with how everything has turned out!

I do ask that some take it down a notch on the comment section. We all have our opinions and not all of us are going to agree with each other. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect another persons opinion. I don’t expect many to agree with what I have to say but that’s what I enjoy about the site! I enjoy reading everyone’s opinion even if it’s different from mine!

Blog: A Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

Again, thank you all. Words will never be able to express how much I appreciate all the kind things you say about me! Hope you have a fabulous day and remember I’m not going anywhere!


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The article on AllAboutTRH in The DePaulia newspaper in Chicago is a feature that highlights the blogging website’s journey, mission, and impact on its readers. It provides insights into the website’s content, popularity, and its role in the realm of entertainment, celebrity news, and reality TV coverage.

The collaboration between AllAboutTRH and The DePaulia newspaper in Chicago stemmed from the website’s growing reputation and influence in the world of reality TV and celebrity news coverage. The DePaulia recognized the website’s significance and relevance, leading to the creation of the article to shed light on its achievements and contributions.

Readers can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of AllAboutTRH’s background, its growth as a prominent blogging website, and its impact on the reality TV and entertainment community. The article will likely include interviews with the website’s founders, insights from its dedicated team, and stories from satisfied readers, providing a well-rounded perspective on the platform’s success.

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