Jac Laurita’s Granddaughter Moves in with Her Grandma


Jac Laurita’s daughter Ashley Holmes decided to move to LA months ago and has tweeted how much she loves it there. Ashley updated her “fans” on where she is now and turns out she couldn’t afford the LA lifestyle and is currently living with her grandparents in Las Vegas! Surprised? Me neither!

Ashley says, “This is going to be a decently long rant. I hope you’re prepared. I guess I’ll explain what’s been going on in my life since I moved to LA. In short, I moved to LA last August. I lived in a large studio in a really nice building. I spent money on ridiculous things like expensive meals, shopping sprees and cab rides. I was living the dream. I got a great internship that would later turn into a paying job. It was wonderful. I even met my boyfriend Sean on the roof of the building that I was living in. However, around November, I realized that my budget was shrinking. I needed to move to a more affordable place -so I did. I managed to find a place near by that was a one bedroom. I went back home to New Jersey for a little bit to visit and it wasn’t until the end of January that I began to REALLY grow up. I now know how to distinguish the difference between WANT and NEED. I decided that I needed an EVEN MORE affordable place. So I MOVED AGAIN! I LOVED the place that I was in. HOWEVER, my roommate turned out to be a COMPLETE psycho path. I can’t even begin to fully tell you stories. For example, right now she’s trying to keep my personal belongings from me AND steal my mattress. I am CONVINCED that she is bi polar, and I’m not even saying that sarcastically. There’s nothing wrong with being bi polar, just take your meds lol. ANYWAY, it was just a really toxic environment and I needed to get out of there. I went with my boyfriend to Las Vegas one weekend to see Bon Iver. While I was in Vegas I got an idea. I had a choice to make. I could either move AGAIN and continue to struggle while I try to simultaneously pay back my debt, work on my clothing line AND pay rent –OR I could move in with my grandparents in Las Vegas for a few months to work a second job, and save A LOT of money. The saddest part was leaving my boyfriend Sean behind –BUT at least we talk every day. He’s going to come visit me soon too. I still have my job in LA, I’m very lucky in that my job can pretty much be done from anywhere as long as there is some excitement. My goal is to save as much money as I can while I’m here and get a lot done with my clothing line. I’m hoping I’ll be able to launch my line by December. I’m really excited about it, and I can’t wait to share more with you! I’ll be moving back to LA by the end of August. :)”

Oh that Ashley! I doubt her roommate is psycho considering how she has proven season after season that she says and may be crazy herself. Not only is Ashley in Vegas but she’s thinking about deleting her twitter after getting called out by her friend Travis Beckum who is an American football tight for the New York Giants. Ashley did the typical and tweeted something without thinking complaining, “I get really annoyed by rich white kids that talk like their from the “hood” and call people “niggas”….. #idot #notmychairnotmyproblem. That’s when Travis responded, “@ashleeholmes how dare u quote that word..ps u just made a stereotype!! Not ok.” Ashlee/y’s excuse was “lol Trav… #1 one of my brothers is half black.. I NEVER say that word… I’m saying that’s not okay.. and #2 I’m not saying a stereotype.. I’m talking about several people on my timeline… do not get offended please.. I’ll even delete it if you’d like.”

Oh snap! Later she tweeted, “Thinking about deleting my Twitter account and only using my @Buzznet. Too many miserable people full of hate on here. It’s so sad” adding, “It’s not about the “haters”… I just don’t want to be a part of such a negative environment… I think Twitter should take more responsibility for what’s said in here.. That’s all.. I don’t think that every miserable person out there should be able to have a Twitter account to do things like bash people that they don’t even know.. It’s ridiculous… kids are out there killing themselves over cyber bullies that hide behind their computer screens… I think anyone with a large following (especially celebrities) should go on a Twitter hiatus until something is done about all of the nonsense that goes on here.”

LOL! Bye bye Ashley! You won’t be missed-that’s for sure! PS who refers to their followers as “wild things” and I hope she knows better not to consider herself a celebrity. That’s just laughable almost as laughable as this “clothing line” she’s working on! More power to her. Maybe she will get her act straight together and succeed, who knows, but from the way she tweets, I doubt it. Are you surprised about Ashley’s move?

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 Ashley Holmes decided to move to LA because she loved the city and had a great internship that later turned into a paying job.

Ashley Holmes moved from LA to Las Vegas because she couldn’t afford the LA lifestyle and needed a more affordable place to live. She also wanted to save money by living with her grandparents and working a second job.

Yes, Ashley Holmes plans to move back to LA by the end of August. She still has her job there and wants to launch her clothing line by December.

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