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AllAboutTRH Exclusive! Which RHONJ Hubby Will We Be Seeing More Of this Season?

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While it may be called the Real Housewives it’s no secret some men love being in on the drama! Some of the husbands and boyfriends seem to love the camera even more than the women (looking at you Rich Wakile, Joe Gorga & Slade Smiley!) While the women seem totally fine with the attention, most of the men like to stay behind the camera. Case in point? RHONJ hubby Michael Campanella! While Siggy’s other half stayed off camera last season, he has already made appearances for season 8 and is even seen giving Siggy advice. So what was the reason for the change?

Earlier this week we had the chance to catch up with Siggy Flicker (for the original interview click here) and couldn’t resist in asking what changed Michael’s mind:

‘Last year Michael just wanted to see if I liked it. When I decided to come back this year, he said he didn’t mind appearing once in awhile but didn’t want to be one of the husbands that is appearing in every scene.’

Personally I like when the men take a back seat and let the women have the spotlight. However, for all of you viewers who can’t get enough of the men, we will always have this to cherish:

In addition to Michael, I had to ask about Dolores’ incredibly chill boyfriend (so chill that he doesn’t mind Dolores living with her ex husband!)

‘You won’t be seeing Dolores’ new boyfriend this season but you will hear about him.’

You can also learn more about Dolores’ boyfriend in the video below:

What are your thoughts on boyfriends/husbands on the show? Which Bravo husband has too much, or too little, camera time?

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  • The guys are part of their life, so cool. When you are starting shit guys, that is when you lose the BRO Code…

  • Am i the ONLY one who read the headline and thought in my head “it WONT be Joe, duh!” Sorry…bad joke. But amusing nonetheless!! ??

  • NO! Soggy bottoms is bad enough but to have to endure her boring husband is just overload. She’s doing anything and everything to get more camera time and to try and make a storyline. He doesn’t need to be making comments, or giving advice about what’s going on in the lives of the HWs. The same, obviously, goes for Dolorfice’s ex-husband, of all things. He’s been taking care of her for years, so supposedly has bank, so why does he now need to move in with his ex-wife? Well it’s because Dolorfice needs a storyline too. Both of these women have nothing to offer on their own, or together to entertain us. All we have to do is to look at the first few episodes and we’ve already had enough of these two, er 4. Joe G, at least, can be somewhat entertaining and overall, stays out of the forefront, which is great. Hmmmmm, do you think they brought their husbands on just to give an “in your face” to Tre, whose (who’s???) can’t be here? I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute, Bravo either….. js

  • And this is why I am Team Juicy! It is his wife’s show. When he was on he was a hoot. But he made sure he stayed in the background where all the men should be.

    • Hi DindiSue! Ugh, me either. Every time I even see either of them, only confirms my feelings.

      Have a great weekend! So good seeing you!

        • Sorry Dindi, I bought a new tablet and have been going thru hoops trying to get it set up! Had a good wknd and hope you did too!

  • Nut Nibbler – still posing for close up
    Marcrazy – threatens to gut viewer
    Wakilie – threatens viewers
    Crooks – cancer scammer
    Diko – always posing for close up
    steve (rhoc) – been charged and applies common sense that Vile ignores
    Smurf (rhoa) – teaches men on rhoa how to milk their cash cow
    Michael – gives the quickest responses – to shut Soggy up


    Joe Giudice – stands up for T when she asks -otherwise “who the F***k cares”
    Rino – funny and never posed for camera

    So far – looks like RHNJ have 2 cool dudes..cuz they get, this is about wifes..not hubbies