RHOC Recap – An Unexpected Thaw!


It’s time for the OC to meet Iceland! Out of all the random trips in housewives history this one takes the cake. I mean are we really supposed to believe that Lydia thought these ladies would help her write an article for a men’s magazine? #NiceTryByBravo

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking but Tamra is more worried about the Iceland sun showing her wrinkles. Also a surprise? Meghan brought her daughter Aspen on the trip! Am I the only one shocked Meghan brought a baby to Iceland with these crazy women?? The baby is not happy on the bus ride but at least Meghan brought her cousin/nanny to help watch her.

The OC need to go shopping as the sunny CA sun has not prepared them for Iceland. Tamra and Vicki have a moment and Vicki catches a glimmer of hope. Shockingly, Kelly is the only one who seems interested in the culture and we learn that Iceland may not have aliens but they do have elves!

Lydia is worried that the ladies aren’t going to be open minded as it’s an adventure trip and not a posh OC spa. Once again Lydia – maybe it would be better for some adventurous men to review for you magazine since, ya know, that’s your demographic!

The ladies have a little tasting outside including delicacies such as the ‘black death’, fermented shark and puffins. Their host is very gracious and I kind of felt bad with their over the top reactions.

Lydia feels left out (again) and I feel she is somehow going to blame it on Shannon. Vicki wants to whoop it up; and hilariously she and Kelly crash a Icelandic High School reunion.

The ladies go on a four wheeler excursion on what looks like the moon which turns out to be a black sand beach. The ladies don’t seem impressed. It’s time for some ladies who lunch and we finally see the OC ladies we know and love. The ladies can’t have a meal without drama so Lydia being left out of the group text comes up.

This may be a first but I actually side with Lydia here. She did organize the trip and be it an oversight or not, all the ladies had to do was apologize and move on with their day. We all know that wasn’t going to happen and instead Tamra can’t understand why Lydia is upset. Don’t get me wrong – Lydia totally overreacted but I would feel left out if that happened to me.

The ladies let it go, but when the ladies walk out to see the waterfall Vicki gives it life (again) because let’s face it she wants to stir the pot. Lydia attempts to apologize for overreacting but Tamra thinks she should have just called/text. Lydia let’s it go because it’s Tamra. Let’s face it – if it were Shannon, Lydia would be talking about it the entire trip!

The ladies are going to climb a glacier with an expert named Olaf! Their climb is pretty spectacular and props to the ladies for going outside their comfort zone. Shannon Beador is definitely the least athletic one of the group and it’s pretty comical watching her on the hike. Literally, I was laughing out loud – thanks for the comic relief Shannon!

Vicki isn’t feeling well and looks awful. The police are called and Vicki thinks she is having a heart attack. We are then left with a ‘To be Continued’ message. I mean really Bravo? Nothing like a good health scare to get viewers to tune in next week – right?

Thoughts on Iceland Part One?

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