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Welcome back to Jersey!

We left the ladies in Boca on a not so great note. Back in the Garden State we see Margaret in action working in her element. Margaret is throwing a launch party at her house which is currently under construction. Apparently her husband is a jealous man, thinking all other men lust for pigtails and won’t let another contractor work on the job.

Over at the Flicker-Campanella pad, we see Sig and her husband making meatball. (PS – for an exclusive on Michael Campanella check out AllAboutTRH tomorrow!) Both Margaret and Siggy aren’t over the Boca disaster and Michael suggests to Siggy to just move on from Margaret.

On to Dolores, we see her ex-husband (who acts more like her husband) who are feuding over how Frank acted toward their son. Frank thinks Dolores babies him, while Dolores thinks Frank is too tough. I think a happy medium is needed here.

At the Giudice mansion, we see that they are saving money wherever they can (literally) and skimped on movers when moving Giacinto Gorga into Teresa’s. It melts my heart that Teresa is having her dad live with him as I can’t imagine her father being happy living alone after losing his wife.

Over at envy, we see Melissa in action with Margaret stopping by to check in with the competition. Melissa admits that Margaret’s business is on another level than her own and that she could learn a lot from the pig-tailed powerhouse. We find out that Siggy blocked Margaret on social media. In all of this, Danielle Staub is the voice of reason, telling Margaret that she feels Siggy was hurt as she brought her into the group and felt betrayed.

The Catania family is having dinner with Dolores giving Frankie the sage advice: Stay away from girls until you are established (as they are just a distraction.) Frankie calls out his dad saying he is a one woman guy while he dad likes to have multiple women. I’m sure that Dolores agrees….

Joe and Melissa have a sweet moment talking about the loss of his mother. Say what you will at the Gorga family, but they are old school and clearly had a tight knit family. My heart goes out to Teresa and her family during this difficult time.

Siggy and Teresa have a 1-1 dinner to discuss Boca. Siggy felt hurt and Teresa felt disrespected. The ladies shockingly talk out their problems like grown women and quickly apologize and come to a resolution. Siggy reveals the real problem wasn’t really Teresa and Melissa with the cake, but really was Margaret. Saying Siggy isn’t a Margaret fan is just a bit of an understatement!

Joe and Melissa are on a lunch date and Joe has a surprise for his wife. Joe has bought the restaurant that they are at and Melissa is shocked (or is she?) I have a hard time believing Joe told his wife on camera about the restaurant. Melissa’s reaction is way too calm/normal for being ‘blindsided.’ Joe claims that he did it for his father, giving Giacinto something to do, and for a way to keep the recipes alive.

In NYC, Teresa and her lawyer are working out the details on her new book Standing Strong. Her publishers want her to dig deeper and get raw (something she definitely did in her new book.) Tre admits that this book isn’t just a hobby and she needs it to help pay for her daughters’ college.

The ladies are getting ready for Margaret’s party and Margaret herself is a mess as her oven is broken and there is no confetti on the floor. Two ladies not getting ready for the party? Dolores and Siggy who are having a slumber party complete with pigtails! Dolores reveals why she is just so loyal to Siggy as we learn that Siggy was the one to help Dolores find a new life after her engagement failed.

Back at Margaret’s party, we meet her first husband who shockingly showed up (considering how their marriage ended.) Nevertheless, the two seem to be on good terms. Margaret’s party reminds me of a psychedelic 70’s party and Teresa and Melissa seem a tad out of place. Margaret is upset with Dolores for not showing up to her party out of loyalty for Siggy. Dolores think that Margaret is a snake and is out for Siggy’s place in the group. Say what you will but I think we all want a friend as loyal as Dolores is to Siggy!

On to the final scene, which is fittingly taking place on rainy day in Jersey. Siggy explains why she is hurt and Margaret isn’t agreeing with it. The two have a very vocal and passive aggressive argument and the entire diner is horrified. The two then argue about who knew Joan Rivers best…I mean…?!?!?!? Siggy breaks down and Margaret actually starts to feel bad as she doesn’t want to make another female cry. Margaret thinks of herself as a comedian (as funny as Joan Rivers) and maybe they just don’t understand each other. Siggy feels they can move forward but will definitely not keep her close.

Until next week……

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