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Yolanda Foster Slams Taylor Armstrong; Calls Her Comments Pure “Ignorance”


In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Yolanda Foster continue to fight her Lyme disease with out of the box treatments. In between Yolanda’s treatments the Housewives all gave their two cents on Yolanda’s condition. While many of the Housewives concerns came from a genuine caring place, not all the comments were nice. Taylor Armstrong got very vocal about Yolanda’s illness and put her foot in her mouth once or twice. Yolanda took to her Bravo blog to discuss Taylor’s comments and give an update on the changes in her life. See what Yolanda had to say below!

“Hello my friends in Bravo land,

A new week, a new chapter in my life.

Sitting amongst Tupperware boxes and plenty of “things” to unpack in my new home, I realize how much “stuff” we consume over time. Stuff that at one point felt like things I wanted or needed seems insignificant in this moment. My needs are so different today…

Considering where I am at in my life, tonight’s show was interesting… My Girlfriend was just sharing her new role with me in raising awareness in third world countries for education. My first thought was that these countries need food and medical care…and they do…but my whole experience with Lyme has also shown me that a lack of education is the root of so many issues today.

What I saw on the show tonight was just that: IGNORANCE. Maybe it should anger me, but instead, it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can’t be heard. Those of you who have experienced chronic illness, you know what I’m talking about. What defines suffering? You will never hear someone who’s walked in my shoes speak the way Taylor spoke on tonight’s episode. I truly hope she never has to experience the journey she questions me for sharing.

Neuroborreliosis has severely compromised my brain function, and even though at times I feel down because of my inability to participate in life, depression is not my battle!

Happy selfie, sick selfie…that’s exactly right. Every day is different, and I will not use my social media to convey anything but my truth. Bad days do exist in Beverly Hills, even though no one seems to dare share.

There are many times during this journey I’ve wondered why I wasn’t given more to work with. Why Lyme? Why not a diagnosis with textbook answers and a cure? I will not apologize or make excuses for having an illness that is difficult for others to comprehend. What others say about me is not my problem. Before being a Housewife and suffering from a chronic illness, I was a Super Mom. Today I do the best that I can. I cheer from the sidelines, I watch from afar, but anyone who is a mother knows the frustration and inadequacy one feels when physically your health keeps you from participating in your children’s lives with the strength you once had. I’ve missed my daughters’ first runway shows, birthday parties, award shows, Anwar’s football and soccer games. I have watched my own two children suffer in silence from this debilitating disease, so I have learned not to pass judgment but rather accept what I don’t understand with compassion.

On that note and speaking about passion, a shoutout to my girlfriend Erica for making me laugh tonight. She’s exactly who she says she is, makes no apologies, and I respect that.

Time to get back to my boxes…I know it’s going to be a slow process, but I can’t wait to make this new space feel like a happy home.

In the meantime, I continue to stay focused on my children. Having made great strides in the past six months, I remain hopeful and determined for a healthy future with love, light, and gratitude in my heart, because I am beyond blessed after all.”

Were Taylor’s comments out of line? Are you surprised Yolanda continues to stay so positive about her health and life?

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  • Taylor is a horrible person and has no business chiming in on anyone and their struggles. She went crazy when Camille brought up her domestic violence issues . This is a woman whom has put her life out there repeatedly on various reality shows, been wasted on tv, crying constantly and continually discussed her husband who committed suicide…. also for public consumption. She needs to close that huge mouth of hers .

  • Ugh, no, not Taylor. She’s so thirsty and desperate for any attention. And pretending that she can afford a home any where near Lisa V? HAHHAHA. Please stay in your lane, Taylor.

    • Much as I deeply dislike the idea of ever seeing Taylor again, it’s an improvement over the BG/KR sagas and ugliness. Both have been way over played out- and if I were Taylor I would have gone in the opposite direction and never returned to TV- but she is so desperate for fame, and such a grifter, that I guess she does not care that we all got the truth of her ugliness and desperation.

  • IMO, Yolanda likes all the talk and speculation. If she didn’t she would have sat them all down and explained a few things last season when she had to leave the reunion early. She would have encouraged them to research and ask her questions. She may very well enjoy all the attention and sympathy and the spotlight. Whatever it is, I just dont want to see another Crooks scenario play out.

  • Taylor high brow telling Lisa V. that there was a home for sale in your neighborhood dahling, and I think we shall put in an offer dahling, and Lisa V. is like, oh hell to the no, Ken Dear, we need to contact Mauricio tuit sweet and put in an offer on that home down the street , hell to the not, Taylor will not be living next to me, no way, no how. That was beautiful how her(Pump’s) mouth opened and dropped, like on command. So funny. I loved that part of the show.

        • Taylor is lame, it seemed like none of the cast was that into her except Camille. She doesn’t fit in. Lots of fake laughing and over talking.

          I like Yolanda and her blog. I do understand people’s questions too. I truly hope she gets her health and life back.

    • I just don’t understand why questioning inaccuracies of a life dibilitating taken as hate or calling Yolanda a liar.

      Yolanda is in an altered state…and the drugs are winning.

      I haven’t read yet…that anyone believes that Yolanda is NOT ill…

      Almost every comment has a disclaimer..cuz..this comes on the heels of crooks..but..I don’t relate this to crooks at all…

      Yolanda does have a dibilitating disease…she is in dangerous territory..

      – removing body parts
      – medicating
      – not eating
      – weekly colonics
      – weekly vitamin C shots
      – she is medicating Bella

      Her friend..the health a self proclaimed sex trade worker…not on any of this woman’s sites..does she ever state..that she even had Lyme Disease..yet yolanda introduces her as a “survivor of lyme disease”

      that is alot to swallow..

      Taylor is being Taylor..those two will never like each other.

      • And her son… Taylor has every right to be courious, yo made her disease public and says no one understands. Then when people are interested she claims they attack her. Yo is not untouchable 😛

        • Taylor isn’t CURIOUS, she is a bitch trying to get attention. What Yolanda is going through is too complicated for a simpleton such as yourself to understand. Maybe you need to go back to watching cartoons which is more to your intellectual understanding.

      • Instead of being offended all the freaking time, Yolanda does nothing to actually educate these women or the viewers. She has been caught in a few lies, clear them up or decide you don’t care for these women. You can’t have it both ways. It’s like she’s actually waiting for these women to mess up.

        While I agree with Taylor, it was clear to me she was trying to speak for the public. Taylor, you don’t really care. Shut up.

      • Omg! What Body Parts has she removed? I have not followed this story for long, tell me you are joking!

    • Aunt Sadie … did Yo ask her acting coach/health advocate if she could cut down on some of the supplements last night ? I was dozing on and off caught it late

      I thought i heard Yo asking Daisy something about the meds and doses.

      So is Daisy calling the shots cause Yo has no brain function ?

      Something is very wrong there J/S

      • See this is what I don’t understand if Yo has no brain function as she says how in the world did she write this blog????
        The other day Yo was photographed getting in the drivers side. When she has stated that she lost her ability to drive. It’s very hard to believe her, nothing she says matches what she does.

        This is hard to speak about but I will do my best. I grew up with a Mom who is a hypochondriac. And in the present my Husband and I have realized my Mom was causing me to be sick. My childhood consisted of hospital visit after hospital visit. However when I got married and moved away that all stopped. I’m 46 now I got married at 21. My mother would get so much attention and sympathy from her friends and family when they would learn I was sick yet again.
        Even my niece (sister’s daughter) has been manipulated by my mom. My Mom babysat her when she was little. Anyways mom would constantly tell my sister that my niece kept loosing her balance and falling. My niece was hospitalized for tests, nothing was found. My Mom needed my niece to be sick so my sister would need hee help (my sister had been asking my mom to move out). My mom wasn’t having it as she would loose total control of my sister.
        My mom has has been been saying she is sick from the time I could understand words but yet she has never been bed ridden except for the outrageous amount of surgeries she has had simply because a doctor said she needed it. As I got older I realized my mom truly enjoys being hospitalized. She got so much attention when she was hospitalized and after. Some of you are going to be shocked because I’m speaking of my mom this way. I’m just sharing with you all that people do and are capable of using an ailment to garner attention and sympathy. My mom and Yolanda have a lot in common neither one of them stopped what they were doing that wasn’t working to make them better. My mom would go from Dr to Dr for different reasons and each one would tell her she needed this procedure or that one. When there were no more procedures or hospital stays my mom would move on to a different ailment.
        Yolanda keeps with these strange treatments that obviously have not worked yet she does those colonics once a week, and doesn’t get better that’s insanity.

        Anyways, till this day the first thing my mom will say when she calls me is that she is very sick or I have been very sick. I don’t give into her statements anymore I try to change the subject however that only leads to guilt trips because I’m not giving my sympathy. But I stand my ground because what whether she’s my mom or someome else it’s not right to pretend to being sick or prolonging some ailment garner attention and sympathy!!

        I wished that I would have had a normal childhood with a normal Mom, and not a with a mother who wasn’t a hypochondriac and pity parties, and poor me attitude.

        I see a lot of my Mom in Yolanda.
        When Lisa R. and Eileen sat with Yolanda in E02 did you all notice that for someone that claimes to spend so much time educating herself about lyme didn’t couldn’t answer Lisa’s or Eileen’s questions Yolanda just smiled and shrugged? It’s just weird.

        I’m sorry my post is so long. I just wanted to share what I went through as a child and adult with a Mother who is a hypochondriac. People that are hypochondriacs will never understand how they hurt others being the way they are.
        Yes I do know my Mother needs a physicist however she won’t get help. So I got a shrink for me a few yrs ago.

        • Penilane, I am sorry for you that your childhood was stolen from you by the sounds of it, and although it sounds like you have grown into a strong adult, what is taken from us in childhood, unfortunately, stays with us forever, my best to you this holiday season& always, and may you find peace! I enjoyed reading your post.

          • Well thank you Lindsay. And my best to you this holiday season and always!
            You’re right we can’t recover what we lost in our childhoods. But we can make sure we don’t repeat the past.

            There’s just so many things that stand out to me for example at Lisa R birthday party Yolanda kept having side conversation with the friend she brought. Naming the symptoms she was having as they were happening. Like the sweating, then her hands sweating etc. Who does that? It’s just strange behavior. That dinner was about Lisa R. Not Yolanda. Seems like when she didn’t get a reaction from the ladies about her coughing she left.
            Yo may be sick with something, if she is she makes it difficult for others to believe her every conversation Yo has with others is always about being sick. Usaully when we are not feeling good we keep it to ourselves or speak of it briefly then move on.I’m just saying

        • I am sorry to hear what you went through as a child. What you described is a classic case of Munchausens and Munchausen by proxy. The “by proxy” is what ykur mother subject you to ,and your niece, by inducing illness’ that required hospitolization or at least a doctors care. Munchausens is your mother trying to make herself ill , in both instances the result she craved was the attention of doctors,friends, and family and in some cases the media attention. Your mother suffers from Munchausens, not hypocondria, even though it appears to be a component of Munchausens.

          • Good grief! Who pays all the medical bills when people do this? The bills must be astronomical!!!

        • What a story Penilane

          Thanks for sharing that .

          That sucks and I’m sorry you had those experiences !!

          Much love and continued good health

          Happy Holidays XO

        • Penilane, so sorry for your childhood. No kid deserves to be forced to live like that so they can garner attention for a parent. I totally believe Yolanda made this up to get her often-absent husbands attention. Or maybe she had a small bout with it but once she had the attention from David, her kids and friends, she was hooked. How many events had she gone to all alone the 1st season? And her kids would not “catch it” from her so I don’t get how they all of a sudden have Lyme disease. Her daughters are always modeling or out & about, plus she just blogged how her son is playing football & soccer so he must be healthy. It’s another Brooks scam on a smaller level IMO.

        • Wow. That’s quite a story. Thanks for sharing. Having an ilness myself, I sometimes get the need for sympathy. It’s human. And when I grew up I could be very maniputalive when it came to gaining sympathy. I see a lot of my younger self when it comes to Yolanda. I believe she falls between being maniputalive and actual Münchhausen.