Heather Dubrow Shares Photo of Wanted Scammer – Plus Defends Herself Against Those Who Say She Already Has Enough Money!



Heather recently shared how her and her husband Terry were scammed out of nearly two million dollars – and now they are set on capturing her!

They have set an award of $25K to anyone providing information that will lead to the capture and arrest of the culprit Jennifer Lindsay Bell (everyone get their sleuthing caps on! I’m sure we could all use that money!):

Jennifer Lindsay Bell


After one fan tweeted that Heather should get the best detective in all of the OC on the case (Detective Meghan Edmonds and the case of Brooks the fake anyone??) Heather enlisted Megan for her help who happily obliged:


After the Dubrows went public with this scam many social media users commented that the Dubrows had so much money this couldn’t have made much of a difference, while others came to their defense. A sample of some exchanges are below:


Instagram 2

We have to agree that it doesn’t matter how much money someone already has – any money earned through hard work should never be stolen! Bernie Madoff also showed little remorse after cheating people out of millions upon millions, saying these weren’t poor people he was stealing from. Granted, the Dubrows recovered and are now building a mega-mansion (which is much more than many of Madoff’s victims can say) but still shows that even the elite with their fancy accountants and financial advisors can get cheated and scammed!

Heather said she is bringing this story to light to prevent others from being scammed as well. I think Heather sharing the story is a cautionary tale as many believe Heather lives in a perfect world. It just shows that no matter how “perfect” your bubble you still have to be careful who you trust!

What are your thoughts on this?

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