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Is Camille Grammer Coming Back To RHOBH?!


Many were sad to see Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille Grammer quit the franchise after season 3, and it seems that now more than ever, fans want her back on the show! When a fan sent Camille a tweet begging her to come back to RHOBH, Camille sent the following tweet below teasing about a possible return. Check it OUT


With Dina Manzo now back on RHONJ, I am very confident and hopeful that Camille will come back. But something tells me she’ll only return if they get rid of Brandi Glanville, considering that’s when she left because she didn’t like how ugly the drama was getting. What do you guys think? Would you love to see Camille return to RHOBH?

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  • YES! Please tell me it’s true. Camille was my favorite housewife of all time and I was so saddened when she left the show. I actually just finished watching Season 1 of RHOBH on dvd and actually forgot how great the show used to be. I have been jaded with the recent 2 seasons and this current one especially is very painful to watch. What happened to the over the top parties, glamorous fashion, fabulous lifestyles, ridiculous mansions, and traveling on private jets? Isn’t that what Beverly Hills is all about? Adrienne had a big hand in these things and embodied the BH lifestyle. I really miss her as well after re-watching season 1. She was definitely the richest housewife and had the resources for fun trips like the NBA game and the weekend at the Palms. Now the show has been reduced to Brandi’s insults and constant breakdowns. No more opulence (except for Lisa). Camille and Adrienne brought everything that we wanted to see in the show and if Camille comes back I think the show can be restored. Bring Adrienne back too and dump Brandi. C and A are the epitome of class and style, and they both have a LOT of money! Andy- listen to your viewers for once!

  • Season 5 cast should be:

    Kyle, Lisa, Camille, Joyce, Yolanda and Adrienne….without Brandi, Kim and Carlton.

    If Brandi returns, add Joanna Krupa from RHOM.

  • Yesssss let’s hope bravo makes some good choices gets rid of brandi and being Camille back! Maybe bravo knows the reason the ratings when down is because of toxic brandi!

  • I would love to see Camille come back and to bring on another rich lady who could give us the glitz and glamour like the show had before Brandi and Yolanda.

  • I LOVE Camille. Come back ANYTIME! And FTR: I don’t think she left because of any of the cast. She’s waaaaaay above petty shit like that. She left for personal reasons: like trying to get her life in order. Dealing with that abusive relationship away from the spotlight for one, I’d say, and her health issues AND not wanting to drag her kids through it all over again by proxy I suspect.

    But that’s finished with now. She’s come through stronger and more fabulous than ever. Come back, Camille. Restore the balance! I love you!

  • I do like Camille and I feel disgusted that she was physically assaulted by her boyfriend — I am also glad she has a restraining order.

    But as far as coming back to RHBH-Hell no

    Camille has her health to be a priority, I can see her making an occasional visit/phone call but back on?

    Hell no.

    Camille is known for her mystical joke tweets, glad she is in a good place emotionally to do so.

    What would returning accomplish?

    • true neither Camille nor Adrienne need this BS Good for them for leaving while the getting was good>>

      This show the way it is now ….can’t be good for Camille’s health

  • Omg please let this be true!

    Didn’t she get a monster divorce settlement from Kelsey as well? At the tune of 30M. To me, while she is a divorcee, she’s got money now. She would fit that BH mole some if she comes back. She was so good in all the seasons she was on, love her or hate her, she was interesting to watch.

  • PLEASE bring her back! Take Brandi and Carlton out with the trash! This show has become gutter trash because of them. IMO they’re beyond gross and vulgar. Camille always had the best clothes, the best homes of ALL the housewives regardless of what city.

  • Brandi has ruined the show! she’s such a low class girl that thinks she’s a comedian with the worst nastiest jokes by far and that thing Brandi calls her friend Carlton is just as nasty the both of them really need to go. It’s clearly neither one of those things are made for Beverly Hills real housewives franchise that’s for sure. Brandi really thinks she’s a comedian, Carlton really thinks she’s a mother of the earth witch with sex Toys, “Omg I just can’t with them two anymore.

  • Yesssss please! Camille was what it was about – the glitz, glamour and outrageous statements that only rich people would say – like not being able to live in 5000 sq ft.

    I’m definitely up for dumping Brandi, Carlton & possible Yolanda at the end of this season.

    I’m middle ground on Lisa – I like her then I don’t, then I do, then I don’t. I definitely think with Lisa away from the show it will benefit it. She’s a lot of the problem and the darkness of it mostly stems from her. Whoever she has a problem with is run into the ground and that’s not what I want to watch. She’s incapable of forgiving or letting go so I don’t see how the show can move on with her unless all the others are fired.

    I would love to see the original cast back. I always liked Adrienne but she was treated like a dog last season – it was horrible. Even though she didn’t handle herself well during it, it was not right.

    Taylors new story would have been interesting to see with her and John but she shouldn’t have been aloud to drink on set.

    I definitely think Kyle, Kim, Camille, Adrienne, Taylor, Lisa, Joyce & Faye would make a great cast. Maybe 2 of them could be friends but decide after filming to see who offers the most as full and who doesn’t.

    • hey no fair TheOriginalAndrew


      I posted down thread why I would not want Camille to return, but here you are changing my mind.

      My ideal cast would be

      Lisa – she is likeable

      Kim and Kyle – I would also like just to watch these two together in one show- except no more “gina” work

      Adrienne- I heart her- but still think she is doing just fine without being in front of the camera.

      Camille- she became someone I liked, I really did not like her first season when she tried to go after Kyle’s husbands business, just cuz she was pissed with Kyle.

      With just these people, yeah I can see it. But casting is not the issue for me, the issue is Bravo and Cohen.

      As Bravo/cohen are choosing to run RH into the crapper – nope I would not want to have Camille or Adrienne attacked.

  • As I implied above, I am not hankering for Camille to come back, but I think that it was both Lisa and Brandi who made Camille distance herself from the show and not just Brandi.

  • I’d much rather see Camille & even Adrienne return, than Brandi, or Carlton. Brandi has ruined this show completely.

  • I don’t think that Camille, after she remade her image, is interesting enough to be a full HW, but I don’t mind her showing up for a party wearing a pretty dress.

  • I’m dying to have camille come back, Brandi is just too much and camille needs to have something of her own that’s good for her. Omg, PLEASE come back

  • The tweet is to vague to judge, but unless she needs the money or wants back in the limelight, I don’t see her returning otherwise. It is so sad that Brandi drove off her and Adrienne away from the show.

    • The funny thing is that Adrienne and Paul brought Brandi into the group and she turned on them. She has a habit of doing that to people. I bet Camille would come back, but she would want Brandi gone pure and simple.