RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore Continues To Stir Up The Same Old Drama


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Cynthia and Peter meeting with some friends for drinks to just enjoy a ‘date night.’ Basically, Cynthia’s storyline continues to be that she and Peter aren’t having sex. I like Cynthia, I think she’s great but I don’t care to hear about her having sex with Peter. Cynthia then brings up all of her friends to her good friend Natalie and Natalie’s husband. Cynthia brings up Kandi and Natalie reveal she knows Todd from way back when. She says how Todd was dating her best girlfriend and cheated on her which shocks Cynthia. I think it’s funny how this all comes out right when Todd is being labeled an opportunist. Natalie tells Cynthia how Todd has a “straight hustle” who knows how to “find himself in situations that better himself.” I think it’s silly that they are going along with Natalie talking about Todd when Natalie is obviously upset that Todd cheated on HER friend and I personally think it’s irrelevant if it happened 10 years ago.

Peter then awkwardly surprises Cynthia with a candlelight dinner for there three year anniversary while Natalie watches as her husband sings for Peter and Cynthia.

Kandi is also not very pleased with Todd because he decided he didn’t want to hep Kandi out with her musical anymore and Kandi knew her team wouldn’t be happy to hear that. Kandi says she needed his help but he decided to take a job overseas for 6 months. Kandi questions whether she could handle something so big like this without Todd.

Porsha is no longer upset with Porsha and stops by her new home. While I expected NeNe to to bash Porsha for buying such a huge home for absolutely no reason, she actually just complimented the home and made no comments regarding Porsha’s pointless purchase. While Porsha and NeNe are chit chatting, NeNe points out Kenya is running around town telling everyone she’s marrying some rich dude who’s buying her everything. NeNe has yet to see this guy so she doesn’t believe a word Kenya’s saying.

Kenya invites her family over and announces how she’s going to go through with having a baby but she has yet to decide who the father will be. Her family wants her to basically take one step at a time but I’m starting to think Kenya wanting a baby could just be a bizarre storyline.

The ladies all plan a trip to a winery. Everyone meets at Cynthia’s home and NeNe has invited her friends Marlo and Lexi. Cynthia is bringing along her friend Natalie and her sister-in-law is tagging along while the rest of the gang are all attending solo.

Cynthia is in one bus with NeNe and Kenya and decides to tell them what Natalie had said about Todd being an opportunist. This shocks Kenya and NeNe who aren’t used to seeing this side of Cynthia. NeNe points out how it was a long time ago and the subject then changes to Kandi and Phaedra’s weight. I think it’s sad that they keep going there and think it’s funny to laugh about it especially when not all of them are fit.

Porsha, Kandi, and Phaedra meet the gang at the winery. Kandi is asked whether she would still consider the winery being a venue but Kandi says she might just go to the courthouse because she doesn’t want to deal with all the drama. That’s when Natalie opens up about how she has been married to Christopher for 18 years when Kenya rudely cuts her off and states that’s not the story she heard. I don’t know if it’s because Kenya has probably never had a serious relationship but she tends to constantly cross the line. Kenya throws Natalie under the bus and points out when she worked with Christopher he would label her his “girlfriend” or his common law wife. Phaedra then points out in her interview that Georgia doesn’t recognize that anymore. After Kenya throws Natalie under the bus, she then changes her tone and says she wants to stay out of it. Which is it Kenya? But I guess Natalie had it coming to her being that she was talking smack about Todd being an opportunist.

Now the ladies are back at speaking out about Kandi getting married when Natalie points out how she knows Todd because he dated her good friend. Kandi is obviously not interested in this conversation and Kenya has the nerve to ask if Natalie is really going there. Natalie shuts Kenya up by stating how Kenya just went there by discussing Natalie’s marriage! Natalie says Kenya should not be speaking about any marriage since she herself isn’t married. Kenya and Natalie go back and fourth with one another. Kenya is getting fired up because she doesn’t think Natalie and Christopher are married and Phaedra finds her way in the conversation shutting Kenya up and telling her not to speak about anyone’s marriage. Kenya is not liking how Phaedra and Kandi are agreeing with Natalie so she reveals how Natalie told Cynthia Todd is an opportunist. First off Kenya needs to really learn when to zip it. I’m sure Cynthia now knows never to say anything in front of Kenya since she’s so quick to put it on blast. Kandi is not happy hearing that Natalie is calling Todd is an opportunist. Kandi makes a comment about Peter that I didn’t think was much of a big deal just to prove a point and Cynthia takes offense to it. Everything is getting ugly and Kenya is smiling because she is the start of all of this drama while I’m sure Natalie feels very uncomfortable

In the end of the day, Natalie should have not said anything about Todd to Cynthia. Cynthia should have never said anything to Kenya. And Kenya should have not thrown Cynthia under the bus by revealing what she said on the bus.

Next week looks a whole lot crazier with Kenya stirring more crap and I’m sick of it. I really can’t wait for the day that Kenya is no longer on this show..thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss…

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