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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Star Alicia DiMichele’s Sentencing Postponed!

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Mob Wives star, Alicia DiMichele is already having a crazy year, and it has nothing to do with the drama of her co-stars! Alicia was scheduled to be sentenced for embezzlement charges, Monday January 6, 2014, but unfortunately, her sentencing has been postponed.

Alicia EXCLUSIVELY tells AllAboutTRH:

“The judge postponed my sentencing because my restitution issue is not yet resolved. Therefore, she cannot sentence me until that part is settled. They think maybe some time in March I’ll be sentenced, but they are not sure. I am beyond frustrated.”

Best of luck to Alicia and her family through this difficult process. Thoughts on Alicia’s sentencing being postponed?

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  • JAIL should really be for dangerous criminals. People who are violent, sexual perverts, and predators. PRISON IS PUNISHMENT TO EVERYONE in the offenders life not just the offender. SO I BELIEVE PRISON SHOULD NEVER BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. Its complete devastation to family members, Children, Parents, PETS, loved ones , Friends. PETS ARE OFTEN HOMELESS, Children resentful become uncontrollable. It is a financial burden on tax payers, family members and all who have to cover the offenders responsibilities. PROBATION – HOUSE ARREST – FINES -ALL GREAT ALTERNATIVES to PRISON. THINK ABOUT WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE IF YOU HAD TO GO AWAY 5 years. THE THINGS THAT WOULD HAVE TO CHANGE and LIVES that would be effected. REALIZE Its not something that should be decided easily – PRISON SHOULD BE A LAST RESORT – GOVERNMENT HAS GOTTEN TO QUICK ON THE TRIGGER when it comes to making such life altering decisions effecting peoples lives.

  • It’s quite simple, really: If you make a choice to break the law (as Alicia did), you must be prepared to pay the consequences. It’s called, “Taking responsibility for your actions.”

  • Fck all u haters dont judge a pretty girl how she make her money I don’t see u haters on a tv show leave that girl alone

  • Can someone please explain to me how Renee who hates “rats” has anything to do with Karen whose father is a rat? Thank you in advance

    • Karen’s father wasn’t a rat he ordered a hit on alicia’s father in law. It was renee’s ex husband who snitched on renee’s father because he wore a wiretap watch for the feds

  • I just cannot feel sorry for Alicia. She had to know what was going on cause in her own words she did the books so they would be done right. Feel sorry for the kids but not her.

  • If a coupel was very ugly lookin dressed like slobs would the sentence for the same crime b the same..if the girl was ugly as sin b treated the same..convicted felons do not drive new cars when they get out..xcuses to commit crimes like o i did not know give me a break..DON’T DO THE CRIME IF U CAN’T DO THE TIME

  • Its all dirty money!!!!…..I mean come on people their husbands was and probably still are in the mob and they use the dirty money….

  • You know what, I’m having such a soft spot for Alicia. Liking her so much as a MW addition to the show. She’s beautiful, classy, and level headed enough from what I’ve seen thusfar. Last night’s episode really humanized her more and more.

    Not to bring up RHONJ, but her situation a little reminds me a little of Teresa’s, just Teresa doesn’t say much of anything in regards to her case with Joe nor giving out too much raw emotions. So I see a lot of parallels between both cases.

    The only thing I don’t buy with Alicia is her saying she had no idea Eddie was in the organized crime. I think either this is lie, she was seriously tricked or doesn’t want to incriminate herself farther. Wasn’t her daddy in organize crime, how could she not see the signs.

    But like I said, I’m liking Alicia a lot. I wanted to give her a hug so much in last night’s episode especially when she talking about her kids and how will they make it without her not being there.

  • I don’t get how some of these ladies survive financially one their own while there spouses are in prison. I’m mainly thinking about Drita. I wonder how her husband got a job right out of prison and what kind of job. Their spending thousands on the home remodel. I know she has her makeup store but normally it takes years to make profit from a new business. They all drive expensive cars. I know Ang is a business owner and has been for a while now, Renee? Her business is just getting off the ground. Nat has the funeral business, Alicia has???? Drita even said something about remodeling instead of buying a new home. I just don’t get it.

    • Drita has always maintained a job, even before her husband went away. She has been a makeup artist, she also has her own store now and is getting ready to open another. Plus they all make money from the show.
      Drita’s husband got a job right out of prison because they encourage you to get a job when you’re in the halfway house, and it isn’t that hard, he was working at a funeral parlor. They’ve mentioned all of this on the show…

      • Thank you LOLA, I had no idea that Drita was a makeup artist. I was under the impression that it’s difficult to get a job once you have a criminal record.

        • It is somewhat difficult, but not impossible, especially if you know someone who can help you out. PLUS, the government has a program where the employer can get a grant (I think it is like $5k but I’m not sure) for hiring a felon, to help them get back on their feet.

          • I never understood all the money they have either .I was a makeup artist for years and trust me you do not get rich off of that unless you work in Hollywood .I know I could not afford to buy & remodel a House like Dritas on a makeup artists salary

          • Salazar, the home prices in that neighborhood are beyond ridiculous. Gaudy homes tiny lots. But hey, it is NYC. She certainly didn’t buy it with her salary.

    • Renee is a personal shopper. It was mentioned that she works for the rapper 50 Cents. Renee picks his clothes and the other artist on his label.

    • They bank of their reality shows plus every endorsement they may have..every article published with their names mentions!! They make money that’s for sure and a whole lot of it!! It’s kinda sad that drama filled loud mouth non class having woman can get rich just for being a woman with every day issues just like most other woman! Don’t get me wrong love the show love the ladies on the show but it’s sickening that ppl around the world live in poverty meanwhile these reality stars are getting pd thousands to air their dirty laundry on national t.v! All of us woman could have a reality show of our lives I’m sure of it lol!!!

    • Maybe there is a discrepancy in what they agreed her restitution would be? I wonder if her being on the show has anything to do with it…

      • From what I’ve heard/read, the Judge wants all of her $8k per episode that she’s receiving from the show. I also read that she has been (“allegedly”) having an on-going three year affair with another “wise guy”, and that his wife is fully aware, and apparently does not have a problem with said (“alleged”) affair. Supposedly her new sentencing date is scheduled for some time in March. Guess she needs to stay OFF of ALL social media sites. And I also read that one of the head designers (maybe Gucci? But don’t quote me on that, as I’m not 100% certain which designer) has filed suit for using the designer’s (fake) logo’s on the items she sells in her two stores, as well as online sales.

      • In this case restitution is the amount of money you have to give the government. That’s why I think the issue is the dollar amount.

      • The whole reason the case was postponed was because when her husband plead guilty and she worked out her plea deal the judge was not aware that she was going to be on a “reality” show that glamorized crime and the mob. I’m sure the judge won’t decline her original plea, but is now wanting her to pay restitution/fines for the amount of money she is making for appearing on the show. I’m sure her and her lawyer are fighting the restitution/fines because technically she’s not making money off of the crime she allegedly committed (the son of sam law). The show is so fake and scripted anyway, and Renee will never be leaving the show because her sister is the producer of the show. If junior was really in witness protection he would never be able to send a letter to Renee.

    • She has not paid it because she thinks it to much. She and her lawyer want to lower the amount.
      Her “I didn’t know, didn’t understand” is CRAP. She was the bookkeeper for her husband. She may not have known about the attempted murder.

      Alicia was well aware that she was selling knock off items in her store.

  • Well, they deleted my last comment, but you can Google Alicia’s involvement in her husband’s “business”. There is a man who wrote a blog about it, she apparently was working right alongside her husband, so her claim of not knowing about it is fake.

    • Karen’s father, Sammy the Bull, is responsible for ordering the “hit” on Alicia’s father-in-law. I don’t know if I have to use the term “allegedly”, but I believe most people believe this. I don’t know if Sammy admitted it or not, but by all accounts that is the story.

      • In light of this, it has been reported, that Alicia’s contract states that she can’t even be in the same room/filmimg with Karen.

      • I MISS Karen!!! I HOPE she’s on the next season, or possibly will have an update on her during this season??? Wishful thinking, probably!! But I don’t understand why these females have it out for one another, when THEY had NOTHING to do with the killing of Alicia’s late FIL, when? 20 something years ago??? IMHO, KAREN should be on the show, but I guess to keep things “fresh”, they’ve brought in these two new Philly girls. I’d love to read Karen’s book, as I’m sure it’s a REAL page-turner! I read that the Judge that will be sentencing Alicia was asking for a total of $116k, $20k of that as restitution, and the other $96k…I’m not sure? A fine, maybe? And also read that her sentencing date has been postponed until “some time in March”, as the Judge wants all $8k per episode she’s (allegedly) receiving. I cannot get over Renee, as that woman has lived a hard life (HER CHOICE in the long run), and it shows, as it’s reflected by her drinking and drugging. She was even scaring ME when they showed the Vegas trip, as she went on a SERIOUS drinking/Xanax binge!!! There went all of that sobriety down the drain (IF she was ever really sober??). She seems to have issues with EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the show. It’s ALWAYS seemed this way, IMHO. I guess there has to be a CRAZY female on each of these so-called “reality” shows, eh? (Of which, I’m HIGHLY addicted!! Teehee!!) But I’d LOVE to see Karen make an appearance, regardless of what Alicia thinks of her. Hell, it’s not like KAREN killed Alicia’s late FIL!

        • I hear karen will be having her own spin off show….not sure of the details but that’s what I’m hearing!!!

  • I don’t know if this means anything, but Jennifer Graziano, Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano all tweeted about how Karen was back in NYC, and they were all having dinner together.

    I wonder if Karen is going to come back to the show while Alicia serves her time (since Alicia refuses to do the show if Karen is a cast member).

  • I really like alicia on mobwives and I think her story is REAL and important to watch and see how some people have chosen to live their lives. Unlike Renee who is fighting everyone and getting drunk and popping pills. Alicias hubby is already in jail and alicia is taking care of the homefront, sending her son off to college, and has two young sons she could be leaving for god knows how long. I think this is the most real mob wives has ever got and I appreciate it. This is a real life story of heartache and couethouses and it doesnt always have to be about violence. We get to see another side of these peoples lives. Get renee’s drunk ass off the show, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you in the sense that it is nice to see a completely real story on the show.
      However, I hate the fact that Alicia is so fake about it. I don’t like the innocent girl act that she had no involvement in the embezzlement of all that money. She was doing the books herself, so um yah, you did have direct involvement in it. But, it does make for a great story.

      • Lol you hate that she’s lying about things that can send her to jail which will make her sons orphans for who knows how long? She’s a MOTHER first & foremost! U bet ur a$$ if I was her I’d be lying as well! Her husband can do the time. It’s his family w/the mob ties not hers!! Besides that, the only reason the Feds are applying so much pressure on Alicia is bc they want her husband to RAT. Which he emwomy?

        • That’s not really how I meant it. No shit she’s not going to sit there and be like yah I embezzled all that money. It’s her wanna be innocent girl attitude that bothers me.

        • OK your kidding me right??? She is a mom, a wife etc… but what about the kids of the families she stole from – all the pension money – what about those families???? She needs to pay it ALL back – take her home, her businesses, and let her do some honest work for honest money.

      • Ummm Alicia is fake . She got busted . And if you do something ILLEGAL and go away and lose your kids it’s on you

    • I agree lapband & EJJ I like her she seems like a real person .I think part of why she wont admit everything is to cover her ass ,she kind of has to ,otherwise she could totally incriminate herself

      • Sal, I get that part, I was going to add that in early but got side tracked…errr I mean kept my response short because I should be working. But, something about Alicia just rubs me wrong. The continual, “I didn’t grow up like this” “I’m not used to women behaving like this”. The whole innocent, I’m such a reputable woman act. When she’s an embezzling fraud herself. And to top it off, what did you think you were getting into when you joined a show called Mob Wives??

        • Ay yi yi typos galore! See I should be working, but then I start typing so fast trying to work and comment here.

  • At least she pleaded guilty and owned up to the charges. I hope for her sake she does not behave this way again and sees this as lesson learned.

  • Really? Chick breaks the f-ing law, by embezzling, and she’s a TV “star?” She is responsible for her “difficult process.”

    • Alicia probably knew things were a little off , Hot items ( Id sell them if they were given to me & I had a store ) we are all in in for the buck don’t lie and say Oh Id never You’d never because it wasn’t in your face and who are you hurting No One! Now in regards of knowing her hubby had ties , Think about it if you were her and he was making good money you’re happy kids are healthy , You know your stealing a little but harming no one Who would really tie their husband to a MOB? Renee is a basket case Never her fault Not her problem she is a ME ME ME person and her poor son has had enough of her You can see it in his face Hear it in his voice But puts up with it because she is his mother –

    • It appears that alicia will forfeit her proceeds from the show to the govt as part of her restution. Being that she has young children u would think the judge has compassion and does not sentence her to jail. Similar to teresa guiduice, hubby does the time, wifey raises children.

    • Not buying the poor innocent me story. Come on they r selling drama, no one cares if you go to Vegas except the poor people whose pensions you stole. Blame yourself.
      Furthermore, Drita, your voice is so f—ing irratating please stop rapping, Natalie…who hasn’t seen your fat ass.