Joyce Giraud EXPOSES Edited Out Scenes Of Brandi Glanville And Yolanda Foster Trying To Take Down Lisa Vanderpump!



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Joyce Giraud, might be the newbie on the block, but she isn’t backing down to the stories Brandi Glanville is trying to feed to fans that she is a liar. Joyce recently did an interview with internet-radio host, Gina, and she did not hold back. She revealed the scenes that were edited out of Brandi trashing both Kyle and Kim Richards, and also exposed the “Take Down Lisa Vanderpump Plan” that both Brandi and Yolanda Foster tried to make happen. Check it OUT

“I can’t give away, although she’s given away, the majority of the show, but you’re not supposed to give away the show, but um — Frankly, when the filming ended, as she said in blogs and in her letters, we were all in a better place, and then after that she just started attacking me again for no reason on social media, which I think is crazy. I don’t understand it, ’cause I don’t understand why you would wanna attack your cast mates. You know, you’re not even filming at the moment, why are you attacking? You know, so, for me it’s a little bit crazy. I understand the dynamic of the show, that it’s dramatic and what not. But you know, even off camera you (Brandi) attack and are dramatic, so it’s just — For me it’s a little bit crazy, so. I’ve dealt with in the past with girls that are obnoxious, ’cause we all have dealt with that, but I have never dealt with behavior like hers before. To me, it’s just something that I wasn’t used to.”

“You know I don’t understand. Frankly, at the beginning, she was saying, ‘Oh my God, your husband is the real deal. He’s so beautiful on top of it. You lucked out.’ At the beginning she was really nice about everything. And then, everything erupted when we were one day filming, and she suddenly starts talking bad about Kyle and Kim (Richards) — on camera. Which, you know a lot of things don’t make it to camera, so, — But she starts talking bad about Kyle and Kim on camera and she tells me, ‘Oh you know be careful with those Richards sisters because they have no friends. I’ve never met a girlfriend of theirs.’ And I tell her, ‘Well, that’s not true because I was just filming with her friend Sharon yesterday.’ Which that you’ve seen on camera. I said I was just filming with her friend and she was adorable, she’s from Mexico, they’ve known each other forever, we had a really good time. And she (Brandi) says, ‘Oh I’ve never heard of her, maybe she pays her like she pays her Twitter followers.’ And I was like ‘What? How can you say such a mean thing?’ And I told her this on camera, so I called her out on it on camera and she (Brandi) was like, ‘God, you don’t need to defend them, you don’t even know them.’ And I said ‘Well, I know enough to know that you’re being mean right now, so stop.’ So all of this happened on camera. Of course, it didn’t make it to the final cut, but I wish it would’ve.

And then after that happened, the whole Lisa (Vanderpump) incident — She calls me after the Lisa incident — The whole “hair-gate” thing that got blown out of proportion. She calls me after the Lisa incident to tell me, ‘Listen, I feel really bad for what happened today, you’re such a sweet girl. I feel really bad for you. Just be careful with Lisa. She can give criticism, but she can’t take it.’ And I cut her off on it and I said, ‘Listen Brandi, I don’t understand what you’re doing because you’re always talking bad about the other girls. I like you, and watching you as an audience member I really liked you. I thought you were just an honest, cool, girl, and I liked that about you, but I’m seeing a whole different side of you because, a couple days ago you were talking crap about Kyle and Kim, and now you’re calling me to talk bad about your best friend. You say she’s your BFF and you’re talking bad about her. And she was like ‘Well, I’m just calling to warn you to be careful with her. Because that’s just the type of person she is.’ And I said, ‘Okay, well, I just wanna tell you that I want you to please not bring this up on camera, because I thought it was a very silly and stupid incident. Was she rude to me? Yes, but like I told you before, maybe she was having a bad day, so please don’t bring this up on camera.’

So then, she calls Yolanda (Foster), and she (Brandi) tells Yolanda to bring it up on camera. And we are at a lunch on camera, taping, and Yolanda brings it up, and it took her THREE attempts to get it out of my mouth, ’cause I just did not wanna talk about it. And I was like ‘Why are you doing this? It was silly, why are you doing this?’ And she was like, ‘Okay guys, CUT! Why don’t you (Joyce) wanna talk about it? Lisa was rude you need to talk about it.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, you guys are insane.’ I was in shock. I was just like, okay this is insane. And she kept talking about it, and kept talking about it. Finally, when she gets it out of my mouth, I tell her, ‘You know what? Yes, she was rude. Brandi was the one that told you. I asked her not to tell anyone, but obviously she told you. Yes, she was rude, but like I told Brandi, maybe Lisa was having a bad day.’ So after that, I said, ‘You know what, I have to tell Lisa, ’cause I’m not gonna have Lisa find out on camera, six months down the road, that I was talking about her with Yolanda, and I didn’t tell her to her face. That’s not me. I’m not a hypocrite.'”

Joyce went on to explain had they showed the lunch she had with Yolanda, they would have understood her conversation with Lisa about “hair-gate” much better than it was played out on the show. To see listen to the rest of the interview, check out the video below

WOWWWWWW. Those scenes sure would end this whole “Joyce is using Brandi for a story line” nonsense. It seems Brandi and Yolanda’s plan to take down Lisa failed. It’s funny that now Brandi is trying to be BFF with Kyle and Kim after a history of not liking them. Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Are you surprised by Brandi and Yolanda’s actions?

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