Ariana Madix Unloads on ‘Attempted Dog Murderer’ Tom Sandoval


Ariana Madix goes off on “attempted dog murderer” Tom Sandoval during two explosive fights on Vanderpump Rules.

On Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans saw Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval appear on screen together for the longest time since Scandoval broke last March.

Despite living in the same home for the last year-plus, the two have avoided each other at all costs and rarely communicated without a mediator, aka Tom Sandoval’s now-former assistant, Ann, who is now Ariana’s assistant.

Ariana Madix made it known that she wasn’t happy about having to see Tom Sandoval at Lala Kent’s water tasting later that day but she admitted that it would be near impossible to avoid him forever since they share friends.

“Short of removing myself entirely from this group of friends, it’s not possible to not ever be in the same room with my ex ever, so I’m going to go,” she explained. “Lala is my friend and I don’t know what the f–k a water tasting is and I kinda wanna found out.”

After the water tasting, the ladies were inside drinking wine while the men chatted outside. This was when Tom Sandoval began complaining about Ariana Madix “talking s–t” about him to his date in the previous episode of VPR. He called her behavior “really tacky,” while Brock Davies said that he needs to hash things out with Ariana so they can be civil towards each other when out and about socially.

Back inside, Ariana was telling the girls about Ann wanting to work for her before mentioning that “the attempted dog murderer was eavesdropping” on the conversation and that she later saw Ann in tears.

Tom walked at the very same time and Ariana looked him dead in the eyes as she said it.

“She left food out,” Tom insisted as he joined the conversation.

“You went into my room with the door closed, do not ever f—king do that again,” she shot back. Tom then accused Ariana of never emptying the litter box for her cat. However, footage shows her doing just that a week ago.

She added, “You wanna come back at me about the litter box when you almost f–king killed my dog? Do not go in my room. That is the only safe space I have in that home because you f–king wrecked it.”

Tom attempts to change the subject, telling Ariana to “put your big girl panties on and respond to an email” referencing his bid to buy their Valley Village home.

However, Ariana Madix wasn’t having it.

“Stop interrupting me. My lawyer will be dealing with you, not me. My lawyer is very professional. My lawyer is sending you an email with a very well-thought-out response,” she said. “Why are you talking to me? You left the f–king backdoor open. When I got home from Sur the other night, it was wide f–king open, one more f–king example of your carelessness and f–king callousness when it comes to the house that was my f–king dream house and my f–king children.”

“Get the f–k away from me! Get the f–k away from me! Get the f–k away from me! Never f–king look at me in the eye again you piece of s–t,” she shouted.

While walking out of the house, Tom yelled back, “Don’t look at me in the eye! You already got everything, Ariana. You got all the campaigns, now you’re gonna take my assistant?”

“Ruin my life, my home and then f–king attempt to kill my f–king dog,” she fired back.

Ariana Madix continued to rant, saying Tom never takes responsibility for anything he does and that she doesn’t believe she will ever be “capable of having a productive conversation with a f–king sociopath, disgusting psycho narcissist gaslighter piece of s–t person.”

Meanwhile, Tom calls Tom Schwartz after leaving the party, saying, “You see the rage that f–king comes out of her? This is what I dealt with my entire relationship that f–king scary f–king rage all the f–king time.”

In her confessional, Lala Kent took Tom Sandoval’s side in the dog drama, claiming the dog issue was “Ariana’s fault.”

She said, “Throw your trash away! Didn’t you do a trash bag commercial? Shouldn’t you know how to throw trash in the trash!”

The next day, the Vanderpump Rules cast got together for a beach day, and naturally, it went off the rails.

James Kennedy asked Tom about a singles event he was planning on going to, which Ariana overheard.

“Can you have this conversation not in front of me because it’s f–king disgusting,” said Ariana. “The conversation subject matter is disgusting because of you, so maybe have it somewhere else.”

James then attempted to play mediator between Tom and Ariana, asking the Something About Her co-owner if she feels like her dog Mya is “safe.”

She replies: “I do, currently right now, yes.”

Tom Schwartz then interjected, saying the exes were “both great dog and cat parents.” However, Ariana insisted she was the only parent of their pets since she paid the adoption fees for both.

In a confessional, she added, “I paid for everything that has to do with her. [I’m] the only one that’s taken her for a walk and the only one that’s ever given her a bath. Suck my d—.”

“It was the one bill that Ariana paid,” Tom said.

“According to your rules, Ariana, since you, like, applied for the adoption papers and paid for it and did all that stuff, since my friend found the house and my people did the loan …” he continued before Ariana cut him off, shouting, “Don’t speak to me. Don’t speak to me. Stop speaking to me. Stop speaking to me. Stop speaking to me, like, literally stop speaking to me.”

As Tom Sandoval walked away, Ariana Madix continued to criticize him and their co-stars for trying to push them together by organizing group events and inviting them both.

“I want him to literally get eaten by sharks. I will not do this again, you guys keep doing this. Literally, he sits there and talk s–t. He’s the one who f–king ruined my f–king entire life. Can you do me a favor, keep him away from me?” she exclaimed.

“He’s never gonna f–king get it. He feels very comfortable talking s–t and none of you guys put him in check and it’s very f–king disrespectful,” Ariana continued.

She then turned to the men of the group, saying: “You guys have to step in as men and be like, ‘Bro, shut the f–k up. Because he is such a misogynist, he requires men, because that’s who he respects, to put him in his place and say, ‘Dude, you have to shut the f–k up and take it because you’re the one in the wrong here.'”

She continued, adding that Tom would never be “f–king sorry” or “remorseful” for any of his actions. Ariana then admitted that she was upset everyone “keeps shoving him down my f–king throat.”

“What do you think I’m going to do? Sit here and have the best f–king beach day ever? When I have to f–king sit here like this and hear his jabs at me? What do you expect?!” she asked the group.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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