RHOBH: Annemarie Wiley’s Husband Blasts Crystal & Calls Garcelle A Con


Annemarie Wiley may no longer be part of the RHOBH cast but the drama between her and her former co-stars is heating up in a major way! Get all the tea!

The husband of fired RHOBH star Annemarie Wiley took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam several of his wife’s now former co-stars.

On Twitter, Marcellus Wiley blasted Crystal Minkoff and dubbed Garcelle Beauvais a “con.”

The retired NFL star wrote:

“Look at these bullshitters opening up Panderer’s ???!

Crystal knows damn well my wife is not a Trump supporter. But, even if she was, who the hell are YOU to politically police her? Crystal also knows her virtue signaling ass shouldn’t be saying the word “N*gg@” in videos (a word I don’t know even use), but she has! Worse, she doubles down on dumb by implying to my wife who she has to vote for since she’s black! #CrystalBiden

And Garcielle puts the CON in confused. Acts pro-black, but stays hating on black women in a desperate attempt to stay ‘Fancy’ on a show with No Blacks!

Let’s be real…my wife wasn’t good on Housewives. Personally, I’m glad she’s off the show, she was a horrible fit. We all saw it, and it was obvious why. It’s impossible to truly know how FAKE you have to be to actually be a REAL Housewife.”

This rant from Annemarie Wiley’s hubby comes after a report from the DailyMail made its way around social media early Wednesday.

According to sources, Annemarie was fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for her “right wing political views” which reportedly “disgusted” her co-stars.

One well-placed source, “A cast member having polarizing views and the ladies taking her to task would have been part of a juicy storyline on any Real Housewives franchise, but after politics railroaded season 13 of the New York cast, producers just edited all of those segments out of the Beverly Hills season.”

As fans know Crystal and Annemarie butted heads throughout season 13 over various benign issues but sources insist the real beef between the two stemmed from their very different political views.

A source said, “Annemarie and Crystal Kung-Minkoff were at odds all season over Annemarie’s misrepresenting she was a doctor, but Annemarie’s politics really disgusted Crystal even more. The Chinese-American openly struggled to understand why a woman of color would be aligned with Trump, who has made racist comments about various nationalities and colors.”

Annemaire Wiley says she was warned about RHOBH co-star Crystal Minkoff's "lies."
Annemaire Wiley says she was warned about RHOBH co-star Crystal Minkoff’s “lies.”

The source explained, “One of the few things Annemarie didn’t lie about during the taping of the show was her political beliefs. She was open and proud to be Team MAGA and a staunch Donald Trump supporter.”

“Annemarie was hyper-defensive while defending her husband Marcellus Wiley’s controversial social media views on politics and transgender athletes. It was the biggest turnoff to the ladies,” the source continued. “During the reunion taping, Garcelle Beauvais expressed her disgust that Annemarie was a fan of political conspiracy theorist Candace Owens and said it told her all that she needed to know about Annemarie. But producers decided to edit the moment out of what viewers will see on the show.”

“The cast feels as though if producers aren’t going to let the audience see the real Annemarie, there’s no need to keep her on the show. They don’t want to work with someone with such off-putting personal and political views if it’s not going to be shown on camera,” the source concluded.

Despite the claims made above another source tells Reality Tea that “there is no truth” to the reports Annemarie was fired for her political beliefs.

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RHOBH is expected to return to Bravo in late 2024 or early 2025.

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