Mia Thornton Reveals Husband Drained Their Bank Account When She Tried to Leave Marriage


The cracks in Mia Thornton’s marriage began to show throughout season 8 of RHOP. Now, the Bravo star shares shocking information about her attempts to exit her marriage.

On the latest episode of RHOP, Mia Thornton shared her money issues with now estranged husband, Gordon Thornton.

Mia Thornton revealed that when she first tried to divorce Gordon he drained all of their bank accounts leaving her with nothing and trapped with nowhere to turn.

“Truth be told, the first time that I hired a divorce attorney, Gordon emptied my bank account all the way to zero and said I can’t leave him,” Mia shared.

It seems that Gordon, like many Real Housewives husbands before him, was trying to keep control of Mia and ensure their power dynamic stayed in place.  For Mia, this was no laughing matter.

Mia and Gordon Thornton on RHOP
Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton on RHOP

Mia continued, “No man or female should ever do that to anybody to try to make them stay. That’s abusive. I’ve lived my whole childhood, which I had no control over, was combative. I’m not living a combative life.”

While the RHOP couple attempted to work through their martial issues by attending intensive therapy sessions, it did not seem that Gordon was willing to put in the work. Instead he seemed to gloss over the real issues in their marriage.

In fact, during the their therapy session in the most recent episode of RHOP, Gordon squeezed and held on to Mia’s hand for dear life despite Mia showing physical signs of discomfort as she discussed their issues. In the therapy session, Mia revealed that she almost didn’t marry Gordon because he wasn’t romantic but instead of walking away she settled.

As we know, Mia and Gordon’s marriage did last much longer after this scene was filmed. The RHOP couple separated in June 2023 but didn’t announced the news until September.

A month later, Mia Thornton decided to make their split permanent and filed for divorce in October 2023.

Recently, the RHOP star revealed the breaking point that led to her filing for divorce.

“I want to say my breaking point was when he publicly decided to shame me,” the 39-year-old revealed on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, noting that Gordon’s disparaging comments pushed her file for divorce. 

“And I said, ‘OK, this is not what we’re doing.’ And I filed. Yeah, I did because I’m like, ‘Let’s go ahead and get this clock rolling,’” Mia Thornton added. “I just don’t want to be a part of it.”

If you remember, Gordon spoke out to TMZ, telling the outlet that Mia has a “hall pass” and was able to sleep with other men in order to “satisfy” her needs.

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton at RHOP premiere.
Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton at RHOP premiere. Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

While Gordon claimed Mia was able to “find what [she] need[ed] elsewhere” he then voiced his anger over her “sneaking around” and “lying” about seeing other men. He also called Mia a “gold-digger.”

Said comments peeved Mia to no end but reveals she would “never publicly shame” Gordon for the sake of their young kids.

“I’m trying to reel him in and we need to work together as a family. We have these beautiful babies that we’re raising and being a mom is No. 1 for me,” she said. “And I’m very proud to hold that title of being Supermom. And we have happy kids. I want them to stay happy.”

Mia noted that she and Gordon have finally developed a healthy co-parenting relationship as they move forward with their divorce.

 “It’s going well. It is, now. And hopefully it stays that way. I don’t keep the kids away from Gordon. I want him to be a huge part of their lives. I do want him to remain the kids’ hero. You know, that’s their dad,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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