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Mia Thornton Reveals Gordon’s Brother Rovoked Their Access To Company Bank Account and has ‘Robbed Us of Everything We Own’

Mia Thornton and her husband, Gordon Thornton, are learning the hard way that family and money don’t mix.

On Thursday, the Real Housewives of Potomac star released a statement on her Instagram claiming that Gordon’s brother revoked their access to their company’s bank account and “robbed us of everything we own.” 

Mia’s statement read:

“Pray for our family. Gordon’s brother, who he trusted to support and carry on the family legacy, has recently revoked his access to the company bank account while we were out of the country. I’ve since learned that my salary will no longer continue past this next payroll cycle due to my unwavering loyalty to Gordon. The thought that the person who Gordon selected to run our empire and who he thought would be the one to care for me and the kids has now manipulated the organizational structure and robbed us of everything we own. Gordon and I built this company from the ground up and brought on family Members since 2013. Never would we think that after a decade of building, generational wealth and opportunities would end up being taken from us overnight. IF YOU CAN’T TRUST FAMILY, WHO CAN YOU TRUST? MY HEART IS COMPLETELY EMPTY.”

In the caption of the post, Mia continued with her statement, saying, “Sorry, Loves, been going through it. Life, at times, feels impossible. @thejointchiro #dmv #maryland – I’m not giving up on you all! I will fight this fight and regain my #power.”

She continued, “Just want to let you all know because I love seeing our #rhop fans in our offices, but I won’t be running into you all for a little bit; I don’t even feel comfortable recommending you continue to visit without having a direct influence on the operations. Although please know I will forever value you, and I appreciate your love & support!”

“I’ve never experienced such pain, I practically birth these clinics, so I’m feeling defeated right now. God has been preparing me for the ultimate fight of my life,” Mia added. “#breakingthechain #generationalwealth I just can’t give up now; I’ve come too far.”

A relative of Mia’s then commented: “But you won’t tell the whole truth tho.” 

Mia replied: “What’s the whole truth, Brittney? You know your Granddad and Aunts and Uncles would NOT own medical offices if it [weren’t] for Gordon. Let’s start there, secondly. What am I leaving out? I would love to know.”

The reality TV star further elaborated in another comment.

“Like What?! Gordon is fast and ambitious to the 20th power. Brilliant beyond measure and moves faster than most can keep up. He’s 70, so  [he] wanted to take a backseat and allow his family to run the “family business” but did not intend for this to mean “employing lazy children.” With his 40+ years of running successful franchise organizations and my 13 + years – removing the engine is not the best business move. We were building a business with the direct mission [of building] black generational wealth. All of which must be earned and not given! Invited the family to join in, but Not a place for lazy, entitled, spoiled children. This is @brittney_yvonne issue. She’s defending her lazy cousins because they were under a poor performance review and getting let go, so their Dad manipulated the rest of the ownership group to convince them that Gordon is not “suitable” to remain in control of the company. Thus, waiting until the day before his birthday, when he was out of pocket celebrating his 70th birthday, to revoke access. Keep it 100, Queen!” Mia explained.

See what else Mia had to say below! Also, check out the support Mia received from her fellow Housewives, including several of her RHOP costars.

Season 7 of RHOP premieres Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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