REPORT: A Look Inside Tom Schwartz’s Difficult Family Life

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A new report reveals surprising details about Tom Schwartz’s tough childhood and his family’s current ups and downs.

Tom Schwartz may not be the number one in Tom on Vanderpump Rules. Well, maybe he is for most fans, but alas, he never gets quite the attention or screen time that Tom Sandoval does season after season. 

In fact, throughout season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz dealt with some heavy stuff in his life, beyond his divorce from now ex-wife Katie Maloney, but it never got addressed on the show thanks to the Scandoval of it all. 

At the Vanderpump Rules season ten reunion, Tom Schwartz touched upon the difficult year he faced personally. 

During part one of the season ten reunion, the 40-year-old revealed that his family was going through a lot around the time he split from Katie. 

He explained that 2022-2023 was “the most intense moment of my life.” The Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner dealt with “almost losing my father, my brother [Brandon] with cancer, running out of money. I was f-cking in it.”

The family of Tom Schwartz, who originally hails from Minnesota, includes a sister, two half-sisters, a half-brother, and triplet brothers – Bert, Billy, and Brandon, who have all appeared on Vanderpump Rules numerous times since the show premiered in 2013. 

Tom Schwartz with histriplet brothers - Bert, Billy, and Brandon, the night before his wedding to ex Katie Maloney
Tom Schwartz with histriplet brothers – Bert, Billy, and Brandon, the night before his wedding to ex-wife Katie Maloney

In 2023, Brandon was diagnosed with testicular cancer, while the Vanderpump Rules star’s father has struggled with “near-fatal blood clots” and “almost [died] multiple times,” Tom Schwartz revealed in a June 2023 interview with Rolling Stone.  He adds that his dad was “given a 5 percent chance of living at one point.”

Then, in July 2023, Tom’s brother Bert was hospitalized for cirrhosis due to his addiction to alcohol.

Tom revealed this news in a February 2024 episode of Vanderpump Rules

“I got really bad news about my brother this morning,” Schwartz told Lisa Vanderpump.

Schwartz explained that Bert entered rehab for this third time but had to be “rushed to the hospital.”

“I didn’t realize it was this bad, but I think he has cirrhosis, and that’s really serious if you know anything about it,” Schwartz explained. 

Cirrhosis is a “severe scarring of the liver” and is often a result of “liver disease” and “chronic alcoholism,” per the Mayo Clinic.

“Bert used to be this like ray of sunshine, and there was this moment where he got jumped outside of a bar, and he was just kinda never the same,” Schwartz recalled in his Vanderpump Rules confessional interview. 

After the assault, Bert “slowly started developing a dependency on alcohol.”

“Any form of addiction and the impact it has on the whole family is brutal, you know? Seeing someone I love suffer so much, because of their dependency on alcohol, it’s made me rethink my moderation,” he confessed. 

Now, we are getting an even deeper look into what Schwartz has been dealing with in his personal life and what makes Schwartz who he is at the end of the day. This may also provide insight into his Peter Pan syndrome and why his marriage to Katie ultimately failed. 

A post is currently making its way around social media from someone who alleges to know the Schwartz family from when they lived in Minnesota. The family relocated to Florida during Schwartz’s pre-teen/early-teen years. 

The unidentified insider writes: 

“One of Tom Schwartz’s brothers is dying of live failure/cirrhosis. 

His dad is an ex-Minneapolis police officer, alcoholic, and an [alleged] abuser with a restraining order to protect Tom’s mom. I live in MN, and it’s well documented. 

They all moved from Minnestoa to Florida, Tom’s dad followed Tom’s mom and his 4 kids. 

Tom spent his childhood trying to keep the peace & protect his younger triplet brothers & his mom from an [alleged] abusive father.

Seems to explain a lot about his adult behaviors. Schwartz has a more important and compelling storyline than Sandoval – so why don’t they show it?”

Never heard details about Tom Schwartz life
Never heard details about Tom Schwartz life

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