Ariana Madix Responds To Claims She’s a Diva and Has a Big Ego


Ariana Madix responds to claims she’s a diva with an overly inflated ego as Tom Schwartz reveals why he blew up at Ariana.

On Tuesday’s all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz claimed that Ariana Madix’s inflated “ego” was preventing their friendship group from healing and mending fences with Tom Sandoval.

During a night out at SUR, Schwartz attempted to bring the group back together by suggesting they all – including Tom Sandoval -head to Lake Tahoe for a mini vacation.

The Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner said he thinks the trip could be good for the group despite the “complicated situation.” 

However, Ariana Madix has no interest in going on a trip with her ex, while Lala Kent warned Schwartz that Sandoval “will devastate you.”

As Schwartz continued to try to encourage the group to forgive Sandoval and start fresh, Ariana Madix reminded him that Sandoval is the one who “destroyed” their friend group with his cheating and lies.

“This isn’t gonna be a situation where you’ve bridge some sort of gap, and he comes, like, back into the fold. I gave up on you a long time ago, And my life is better for it,” Ariana told Schwartz.

Ultimately Schwartz grew frustrated with Ariana so much so that he quipped:

“Don’t speak on behalf of the entire group. You’re not the queen of the group, come on. Your ego is getting a little big, come on.”

Ariana Madix slams Tom Schwartz ahead of the season 11 premiere of Pump Rules
Ariana Madix slams Tom Schwartz ahead of the season 11 premiere of Pump Rules

In her confessional, Ariana fired back, saying that Schwartz was “clearly confusing strength and boundaries with ego.”

The topic of Ariana Madix’s ego and Schwartz’s outburst were the hot topic on the Vanderpump Rules After Show.

According to Schwartz, he blew up at Ariana after she started “belittling” him and “going in” on him.

Schwartz claims that it was “one of [Ariana’s] lower moments,” noting that he felt the need to “ego check her.”

“First of all, you’re not my queen. I was annoyed that she’s, you know, took it upon herself to speak on behalf of the other girls who haven’t I hadn’t even really addressed it with yet. You know, I became synonymous with the affair or whatever. I was a culprit,” Schwartz explains. ”It’s ridiculous. And all the rage she had pent up with Tom, she took out on me in that moment which I still think is absurd. Also like when people start yelling at me, my mind just shuts down. So I don’t remember exactly how it played out, you know.” 

As for Ariana, she made it clear that she doesn’t believe she is the queen of the group but it perfectly find with setting necessary boundaries.   

“Him saying like that is exactly why I’m not friends with him. And if anyone’s gonna be able to speak to who I am as a person, it’s not someone that I haven’t spoken to since we were filming the reunion in mid March. So, that right there is the type of that just proves me right. And, like, no I’m not queen of anything, But I will do what I wanna do, which is not going this dumb trip,” Ariana Madix shared.

When it comes to claims that she’s a diva with an inflated ego due her post-Scandoval success while includes  but is not limited to ads, magazine articles, Dancing With the Stars, Ariana notes she sees it as nothing more than working hard.

“Um, I don’t understand how working jobs translates to my ego or my personality, like, at all. Like, getting up and going to work, don’t those people get up and go to work? I don’t know what that means. I don’t think I’m like any cooler than I was before all this,” she admitted.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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