Erika Jayne Annoyed Co-Stars Didn’t Apologize After Diamond Earrings Victory


Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards discuss Erika’s legal victory and how the Pretty Mess singer felt about the RHOBH casts’ reaction to the news.

During last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne shared some news with her co-stars about her much discussed diamond earrings.

While on the season 13 cast trip to Barcelona, Erika Jayne told her co-stars that a judge concluded that there was no proof that her $750,000 diamond earrings were purchased with client settlement funds by her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

Basically the court decided that Erika Jayne was entitled to keep the earrings and that they should NOT have been sold at auction.

The earrings were auctioned off last December as part of Tom Girardi’s ongoing bankruptcy case. The once-famed attorney is accused of embezzling millions from his clients via their settlement money.

Erika Jayne crying on RHOBH about being dragged into Tom's legal issues.
Erika Jayne crying on RHOBH about being dragged into Tom’s legal issues.

Erika expected her co-stars to celebrate her legal victory or at the least apologize for their prior comments about the earrings. Instead the RHOBH star got crickets from her co-stars which shocked and hurt her.

On the RHOBH After Show Erika admitted that she was annoyed that her co-stars didn’t apologize to her following her diamond earrings victory.

“It felt really good to actually know that, hey, what I had been saying for a long time was true. I won my appeal for the earrings, which I so joyously told everybody, which fell on deaf ears,” Erika said.

She noted that she wanted Crystal Minkoff in particular to hear the news.

“I think that it’s important for Crystal [to hear]. She was saying something about my earrings in Aspen,” Erika said, referencing Crystal’s claim that if she were Erika she would turn the earrings over no matter what. “Let’s get real. You’re not caring without facts, so what facts do you have? I wanted to make sure that she knew that I had won my appear. Talk about uneducated.”

The Pretty Mess singer added that her win is a “big deal” but points out that “I do not get the earrings back.”

“They were sold at auction, which is fine. Honestly, I knew that the day I took them [off] and placed them in the person’s hand [that] I probably won’t see these again.”

Kyle Richards noted: “But at least you know, you’re vindicated. That’s the most important party. I mean it would be nice to have those as well but being vindicated is huge.”

“Much more important,” Erika said in agreement.

On the RHOBH After Show, Kyle explained to Erika that sometimes it takes years for people to see the truth instead of believing the lies.

Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne
Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne

The RHOBH OG points out that for years she had to deal with people believing that she stole her sister Kim Richards‘ house.

“Eventually people will figure it out. And sometimes it take a lot of freaking years. I mean I stole Kim’s goddamn house,” Kyle joked of the RHOBH season one claim made by her sister Kim Richards.

“Does that hurt you?” Erika Jayne asked to which Kyle Richards admitted, “No, now I don’t care at all and I laugh at that. I’ll even repost funny memes about that and stuff. “

She continued, “But it was people who would actually think that happened that I couldn’t explain the [truth to]. My hands were tied. I could have [told the truth] but then I would not be being a good sister or [I would be called out] for talking about private family things. It’s frustrating to stay quiet but then later it comes out.”

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