RHOBH Weed Chef Slams Denise Richards For Claiming He Slipped Her Cannabis During Kyle’s Dinner


Denise Richards claims she was slipped Cannabis during Kyle Richards’ Weed dinner on RHOBH. Now, the chef behind he dinner is firing back!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Denise Richards recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live where she dished on Kyle Richards infamous season 13 weed-infused dinner party.

At the dinner party, Denise Richards exhibited odd behavior from the moment her Louboutins stepped into Kyle’s Encino mansion.

While many have accused Denise Richards of getting lit before coming to Kyle’s party, the RHOBH alum now claims that her behavior was the result of being slipped cannabis during the dinner party despite requesting that her food be made without the drug.

The many faces of Denise Richards during her return to RHOBH.
The many faces of Denise Richards during her return to RHOBH.

“Well, When I was invited to it, I said I can’t have weed. Okay. I’ve had weed twice in my life, and It doesn’t mix well with my system, so it’s not something that I do. And so I’ve said that there will be no weed for me. So It was a sideways night for me,” the 52-year-old explained.

When asked by Jeff Lewis if she ingested some of the weed, the former RHOBH star replied, “I don’t know What the hell he did. I got home, and my husband was, like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I Felt horrible the whole week.”

“So that is probably what happened at the house dinner party. But I can’t say someone gave me you know, I don’t fucking know. It it was whatever,” she continued. “I don’t know if the It it was in bottles [of water and wine]/ I don’t know. I can’t say. It is what it is. I mean, who cares? I’ve made an asshole out of myself on It’s not the first time I’ve made an asshole out of myself.”

The RHOBH cast was confused by Denise Richards behavior during Kyle Richards' weed dinner
The RHOBH cast was confused by Denise Richards behavior during Kyle Richards’ weed dinner

“Most of the housewives have They’ve been fucked up on camera. And I don’t know why they made such an issue with with me being fucked up on camera,”

Well, the chef behind Kyle’s weed dinner was NOT happy with Denise’s comments and insinuation that he or his staff may have slipped her food laced with cannabis despite her request for a weed-free meal.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Christopher Sayegh of The Herbal Chef called Denise Richards a “damn liar” and claims she arrived at Kyle’s party “absolutely obliterated.”

Sayegh wrote:

“@deniserichards you are such a damn liar, Denise. It’s embarrassing and you should be ashamed of yourself,’ an enraged Sayegh began on Instagram after she did an interview with Jeff Lewis where she toyed with the suggestion she had been served cannabis. 

Let me tell you what really happened… Denise walked into Kyle’s house absolutely obliterated. Her first slurred words to me were “dO yOu KnOw WhO I aM?” Followed by a bunch of other gibberish that we could barely make out. In every interview since this episode aired you have acted as if you had no idea what was going on, we must have slipped something in your food… or bottled water?? Really?? We went over how the evening would go with you and everyone else at the table including specifying how dosage works and that we take our responsibility very seriously- especially when someone would rather abstain from cannabis. It would be detrimental to my business if we left our guests incapacitated, don’t you think?

Garcelle Beauvais, Denise Richards, and Camille Grammer water the drama go down on RHOBH.
Garcelle Beauvais, Denise Richards, and Camille Grammer water the drama go down on RHOBH.

Then you have the audacity to say how could @kylerichards18 throw this party if she’s sober? Or you think @theprettymess said she was f**ked up. YOU were in another realm, and it was only you. Because, spoiler alert, you have some deep seeded issues that you are clearly working through in your own heart. Not surprised one bit that cannabis doesn’t agree with you, it has a tendency to mirror one’s truest self. And the enablers… @jljefflewis you should be ashamed of yourself too, did you not watch the episode and just felt it was your duty to suck up to every single person sitting across from you in that chair?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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