Kyle Richards Dishes on Friendship With Morgan Wade; Denies Annemarie Wiley Came On RHOBH To Do Her Dirty Work 


Bravo OG Kyle Richards recently appeared on Jeff Lewis Live where she discussed a bevy of topics including her friendship with Morgan Wade and Annemarie Wiley’s casting on RHOBH. 

Former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis jumped right into peppering Kyle Richards with questions about her much discussed friendship with country singer Morgan Wade.

“Everyone wants it to be more. Everyone has all of these other scenarios or, you know, ideas of what’s happening,” Jeff said.

Kyle Richards says that the media twists everything when it comes to her friendship with Morgan so much so that they even manipulate photos and cut their other friends out of pictures to make it seem like they are only hanging out together all the time, when in reality it’s usually a group of them hanging out.

“In the media, they only show Morgan, but she’s part of a group of friends that I, you know, there’s those friends that are the first text messages of the day, you know? Immediately, there’s tiers of friendship and you may love all of these friends, but there are different tiers. You know, my first text messages of the day are four different people, but you know, if I’m walking down the street, having lunch with them, they’re usually cut out of a photo unless it was yesterday where my friend Jana was saying hi to me,” the RHOBH OG explains.

She continues, “We, we were saying goodbye at the Glen Centre, and it looks like we’re, the photo literally looks like we’re kissing each other, which has happened to me before in the past, but I’m like, “Of course they want to use that photo.” Usually they cut my friends out unless it’s Morgan. It’s so funny, you know, I was in Paris and my friend Tina that I’ve grown up with since I’m 10 years old, she’s cut out of every photo because they don’t know who Tina is, you know?”

Jeff Lewis’ co-host Meghan Weaver, added: “They want to drive that narrative.”

RHOBH OG Kyle Richards and friend Morgan Wade attend Kathy Hilton's Christmas party
RHOBH OG Kyle Richards and friend Morgan Wade attend Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party

“Yeah, so that’s the narrative they want, so that’s been the focus,” Kyle admits before explaining that she is currently learning on her friends a lot as she goes through many changes in her life and marriage.

She notes, “When you’re going through a hard time, I lean on my closest friends, and I said that in the show in my interviews. I never went to therapy before. I am in therapy now, but my friends were my therapists always and I grew up with a family of all women and, you know, when I’m struggling, my friends are my, they’re my therapists. They’re my rock.”

During the interview, Jeff also asked Kyle about RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley. Jeff didn’t hold back when noting that Annemarie wasn’t coming off great during her debut season.

“Annemarie. I was able to meet her at your white party, and I met she and her husband, and I really had a nice conversation with them and I liked them, but now that I’m watching the show, she’s not coming off great on the show,” Jeff said.

He then asked Kyle, “Do you agree? Is she the right fit?”

While Kyle admits that she doesn’t think Annemarie handled herself the best way on season 13 of RHOBH, she wants to make it clear that she didn’t bring the newbie on the show to do her dirty work.

“Listen, here’s another, you know, misconception. You know, I’ve read some things like, “Kyle brought in Annemarie to do her dirty work.” I met her, I love when people say these things. I met her one time. I met her one time. They came to my home for an agency party, and I ended up speaking to her husband the whole time who was so nice, so funny and she was very quiet, but then when we were talking about who we could add the show, I was like, “Oh. She’s my neighbor. She lives on my street,” and she just stuck out in my mind,” Kyle explains.

RHOBH season 13 cast: Erika Jayne, Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Annemarie Wiley attend Homeless Not Toothless Gala in Los Angeles
RHOBH season 13 cast: Erika Jayne, Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Annemarie Wiley attend Homeless Not Toothless Gala in Los Angeles.

“I think the first time I saw her actually is when she joined the show after that, you know, so I reached out to her about joining the show and she was very nice, very outspoken, really into her fitness and I just thought she was cool and she was very opinionated. I mean, I think she didn’t handle herself great in some of these situations and I think when you have something like that, you’ve got to see the balance of other things too and I don’t think we really got to see that,” the RHOBH OG adds.

“I think it was a little too, for her to be a brand new housewife, you have to ingratiate yourself,” Jeff pointed out.

Kyle agreed, admitting “That’s hard. She came in hot” to which Jeff replied, “Yes. You have to bond with the girls. You have to form friendships. You can’t go after them right away.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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