RHOM Stars Julia and Lisa Battle It Out on Social Media


RHOM stars Lisa Hochstein and Julia Lemigova get into a heated war of words on Instagram after attacking each other’s parenting styles.

On the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa Hochstein and Julia Lemigova got into a heated yet unexpected argument.

The RHOM stars’ argument quickly transitioned to social media, where Lisa and Julie engaged in a war of words on Instagram.

The drama, which took place at Nicole Martin‘s Mother’s Day lunch, started after Lisa caught wind of comments Julia made about her parenting earlier in the season.

At the start of season 6, Julia questioned how Lisa could leave the house she shares with her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, to attend her party, after having to call the police.

Lisa demanded that Julia “apologize,” but the former Russian model insisted that her comments weren’t coming from a “malicious place” and that she was not a “hypocrite,” so she would not be apologizing.

While the ladies all encouraged Julia to apologize, she continued to refuse to say ‘I’m sorry’ to Lisa for questioning if she put her kids to bed before attending her party.

“Apologize for saying, ‘Did you put your kids to bed before you came to my party?’ Just own it. Own what you said,” Lisa pleaded with Julia, who replied, “I’m not. I didn’t say anything bad or malicious about you.”

“Julia, it’s none of your business if she put her kids to bed,” Larsa Pippen interjected.

In her confessional interview Julia continued, “I’m not a hypocrite. If I’m not sorry, I’m not gonna say sorry.” She then told Lisa, “I appreciate that you came to my party, but I probably myself I don’t know if I would’ve had the guts to come.”

Julia then said some inaudible that hit Lisa’s last nerve. The RHOM OG then flipped out on Julia and went off on how she doesn’t know where her kids go to school and the fact that she has three baby daddies.

The 51-year-old former Russian model has three children. Julia is a parent to two daughters, Emma and Victoria, from two separate relationships. On top of that Julia gave birth to a son Maximilien in 1997 with her then partner banker Eduardo Stern. However, Maximilien died as an infant under suspicious circumstances while in the care of a babysitter. His cause of death has never been officially revealed.

After the RHOM episode aired, the Instagram account @rhom.bravo shared a clip of Julia and Lisa’s fight

Julia commented on the post, noting that this was the first time she heard everything Lisa said to her during their argument. She admitted that she was “taken aback by Lisa’s rage” and her “hateful words.”

“@rhom.bravo Wow – Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I was so taken aback by Lisa’s rage that I did not even hear her hateful words. It is heartbreaking and horrifying to learn this is what my supposed friend thinks of me and my family,” Julia wrote.

Julia reacts to Lisa's comments about her family during their fight on RHOM.
Julia reacts to Lisa’s comments about her family during their fight on RHOM.

Then, on Julia’s Instagram Story, she continued to call out her RHOM co-star.

“Thank you, @rhom.bravo, for bringing my attention to the hateful way Lisa spoke about me and my children. I did not hear this comment during the Mamacita brunch, or it would’ve been addressed immediately,” Julia shared.

She continued, “Attempting to frame the way my children came into this world as anything but joyful blessings is disgusting and impermissible. The unspeakable viciousness of invoking the memory of my late son in an attempt to attack me is simply unforgivable.”

Julia Lemigova drags Lisa Hochstein on Instagram after their argument on RHOM.
Julia Lemigova drags Lisa Hochstein on Instagram after their argument on RHOM.

When Lisa caught wind of Julia’s comment and Instagram Story post, she naturally responded in the comments section of @rhom.bravo’s post.

The 41-year-old replied, “@julialemigova Julia, I have texted, called, and DMed you to apologize for my lashing out after you refused to apologize to me. You insulted me about not staying home with my kids and implied that I was an unfit mother. This was especially hurtful given that everyone understands I am in a legal battle with my estranged husband, and my children’s custody is involved.”

“On your end, it was calculated because next week we tape the reunion; on my end, it was a heated error in words and judgment that I apologized for even though you didn’t. I was very angry that you wouldn’t accept responsibility or apologize and were risking my custody for TV ratings,” she continued. “It saddens me that you didn’t come to me first, considering we are friends, talk often, and have dinners together. Even dinners recently. Instead, you took it to your social media rather than calling me directly, which I would have done myself.”

Lisa concluded, “I asked you to take the post down after you said you didn’t want this to escalate any further, but now it’s posted, and I believe this is your intention.”

Lisa Hochstein fires back at RHOM co-star Julia Lemigova on Instagram.
Lisa Hochstein fires back at RHOM co-star Julia Lemigova on Instagram.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Whose side are you on – Nicole or Julia? Sound off below!

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