RHOM Star Nicole Martin Slams RHOBH’s Annemarie Wiley For ‘Belittling’ Sutton’s Esophagus Issues


RHOM star Dr. Nicole Martin slams RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley for “belittling” Sutton Stracke’s ongoing esophagus issues.

Real Housewives of Miami star Dr. Nicole Martin is putting RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley on blast for her “cringey” comments bout her co-star Sutton Stracke‘s esophagus issues.

“It does not matter where you fall on the spectrum — all the way from being a tech to being a doctor. You joined the profession to be an advocate for patients, and as such, it is not our place to belittle, question, or demean a patient’s symptoms or diagnosis,” the 38-year-old said in a video posted on Instagram.

“We are there to facilitate and help the patient through the medical process, and it was just very uncomfortable and cringey to watch Annemarie belittle Sutton’s symptoms in such a way.”

The Miami-based anesthesiologist admitted that she met the RHOBH newbie at BravoCon 2023 and noted that she seemed to be a “lovely” person.

However, the RHOM star disagreed with how Annemarie handled the discussion of Sutton’s health issues.

On an episode of RHOBH, Annemarie Wiley, a nurse anesthetist, made it seem that Sutton was over-dramatizing the seriousness of her esophagus issues.

RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley lectures Sutton Stracke about her health issues.
RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley lectures Sutton Stracke about her health issues.

“Narrow esophagus. That’s that’s a symptom of something. That’s not a medical diagnosis. If you have, like, a stricture in your esophagus, all you do is chew your food more. If you really have a problem, you go get treatment for that,” the RHOBH newbie told Sutton.

Sutton retorted: “You’re not my doctor. … Why am I having a doctor’s appointment right now?”

“My brother gets his stretched out. I choose not to do that. Shall we go get my esophagus stretched out all together as a group?” she added.

Meanwhile, the RHOM star also chimed in on Sutton and Annemarie’s argument on RHOBH in the caption of her video post.

Nicole slammed Annemarie for “medical gaslighting” Sutton.

The RHOM star wrote:

“Let’s not do this #gaslightin. Gaslighting can happen in medicine, too.

Medical gaslighting occurs when a medical professional dismisses or downplays a patient’s physical symptoms or attributes them to something else, like a psychological condition. Numerous factors can contribute to this behavior, but ultimately, the patient is impacted, so let’s do better ”

Nicole also encouraged Bravo fans to check out Real Housewives of Dallas alum Dr. Tiffany Moon’s reaction to the drama as she was the first Bravoleb with a medical background to speak out.

RHOD alum Tiffany Moon blasts RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley over Sutton Stracke health criticism
RHOD alum Tiffany Moon blasts RHOBH newbie Annemarie Wiley over Sutton Stracke’s health criticism

Dr. Tiffany Moon previously blasted Annemarie for “weaponizing her medical profession to tell Sutton things about her own condition.”

On TikTok, Dr. Tiffany Moon said:

“The whole scene was kind of cringey to me. I don’t know what made her go at Sutton so hard, especially when it was her party. Like, I found that to be incredibly rude. But, yeah, let’s not weaponize our medical knowledge to come at people, especially when you’re wrong.”

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