RHOSLC Star Monica Garcia Blames Weight Loss on Depression – Not Ozempic


RHOSLC star Monica Garcia denies using Ozempic amid recent weight loss. Instead Monica blames stress, depression, and fame for her drop in weight.

Monica Garcia claps back at fans who think her recent weight loss is the result of the weight loss drug Ozempic.

The RHOSLC star took to her Instagram Story where she popped off on fans for continuing to comment “Ozempic” on her Instagram posts.

The 40-year-old quipped:

“Listen. I don’t think you would be as comfortable talking about my health or my body if I was getting bigger or gaining weight. So stop commenting Ozempic on my [posts].”

Monica Garcia blames weight loss on “Fame” and “Stress”

Monica said that both “fame” and her recent “divorce are to blame for her weight loss. She explained that her life “completely changed very, very quickly” and caused “stress, anxiety and depression.”

Monica ranted:

“If you hadn’t noticed my entire life has completely changed very, very quickly, like, in the course of, like, 7 or 8 months. And I’m navigating it all for the very first time in my life. I’ve never been so stressed out. Throw a divorce in there as well, and stress, anxiety, depression, divorce could give you all the same results as Ozempic.”

She continued, “Also, my entire life, I have always weighed 120 to 125. I had my 2 babies back Back. They’re, like, literally, like, twins. And I never lost the weight from being pregnant with them. And so I weighed, like, 150, yeah, for the last few years. And now I am, like, I think I’m, like, 128 right now. So like 22 pounds. There’s my whole health history, you guys, but I’m actually at the weight now that I’m normally I’m at my whole life. I just didn’t give a fuck After I had my babies, about losing the weight, I didn’t care. I had 2 brand new babies to care about instead.”

RHOSLC star Monica Garcia shows off her pre-baby body
RHOSLC star Monica Garcia shows off her pre-baby body

“But now thanks to all of you, I’ve lost weight. I’m just kidding. Not all of you. Just the select,” the RHOSLC star concluded.

Fans Slam RHOSLC star For “Lying” About Weight Loss

Naturally RHOSLC fans had quite a bit to say about Monica’s claims about her wieght loss. Most fans believe the RHOSLC star is “lying” about the cause of her weight loss.

“I don’t believe a word out of this woman’s mouth,” wrote one fan.

“I feel like she would be open and honest about Ozempic at least!” another fan added.

“Two years from now she gonna be suing ozempic for not getting the results she wanted,” commented a third fan.

Another user quipped: “Stress? This girl asks for it. Honey, be careful what you wish for. Because you knew she wanted the paycheck. And her poor oldest daughter seems to be more of an adult than she is. That’s a terrible pressure to put your troubles on someone and garner a ton of responsibility at her age.”

“She’s acting like it’s everyone else fault that she’s stressed out when she elected herself on the show! She has studied housewives 101 so this seems like a stretch,” said a fourth fan.

“Blame, blame, blame! So exhausting! Poor, poor Monica!” another fan wrote.

Other fans commented:

“I cannot stand her ….she came on the show broke and depressed . Please!! I can’t.”

“Thirsty for that attention.”

“She’s stressed & depressed??? Pls b*tch. You created your own drama. Stop playing victim.”

“She is so full of shit. She brought it all on herself.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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