Fans, Former Friends, and the RHOSLC Cast Are Coming For Monica Garcia’s Alleged Lies


RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia is in the hot seat after this week’s episode as fans, former friends, and ever her costars are calling out her alleged lies.

Monica Garcia can’t escape the drama even if she tried. The Bravo newbie was feeling the heat after Tuesday’s episode of RHOSLC, as many came for her on social media.

Let’s break down the latest allegations against Monica and see what the RHOSLC newbie has to say for herself!

Meredith Marks Calls Out Monica Over DM Drama

The RHOSLC OG appeared on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where she addressed the DM drama with Monica over messages they received about co-star Angie Katsanevas.

Meredith said:

“Given that the messages were all about information Monica had told me about on the airplane back from Palm Springs, She’s the only one I called because I wasn’t trying to spread rumors. I was just discussing with her the information she had given me that I was sent documentation of.”

RHOSLC OG Meredith Marks flips out on Angie K during episode 3 of season 4
RHOSLC OG Meredith Marks flips out on Angie K during episode 3 of season 4

“So it was documentation about a conversation that you two had already had,” Andy asked. Meredith replied, “All information that I did not know until that conversation.”

Andy then asked, “Did you think they were from Monica? Did it not seem like a coincidence?”

“No. I really didn’t. It didn’t cross my mind that anyone would do that,” Meredith explained, noting that she did find it all coincidental but didn’t think too much about it.

Fans Question Why Anyone Would DM Monica about Angie

“The weirdest part about @monicangarcia getting anonymous DMs about @angiekatsanevas is that her casting hadn’t been confirmed to the public during filming, so why would some rando be sending her tea in the first place? #RHOSLC,” @thathousewivesguy tweeted.

Looks like Lisa Barlow couldn’t help but agree as she replied, “That’s what I said- to her in person.”

Another fan added: “Her story sounded too planned out when she recited it to Angie and Lisa…”

Meanwhile, another fan shared a different theory: “I’m going with Jen. Shah told Monica all of this before the season started, and Monica did the DMs and tried to set up Meredith….or not!”

BravoChatRoom on Insta then shared: “Monica made the finsta, sent them to Meredith and herself, and is now playing stupid. Production told Meredith to ask Monica about the DMs solidifying her snowflake status.”

Fans Accuse Monica of Lying About Having Family in Bermuda

It seems that some RHOSLC fans believe that Monica lied about having plans to see her family in Bermuda, and she did so for attention and a storyline.

“Hot take: I think Monica had no plans to even see her family and lied the whole thing for viewer sympathy because she knows a storm is coming,” BravoChatRoom shared on Instagram.

RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia wears puffy sleeved black dress in confessional interview
RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia wears puffy sleeved black dress in confessional interview

Others felt there was something “fishy” about Moncia’s story concerning her family, with others claiming they got the feeling Monica didn’t want viewers to see her family in Bermuda.

“I don’t think Monica ever had any family in Bermuda to begin with,” someone else tweeted.

Another fan theorized: “Monica’s family probably didn’t wanna be on camera.”

Monica’s Former Friend Calls Her Out Having Burner Accounts and Lying for Attention

One of Monica’s former friends is coming for her in a new video posted on social media.

The friend alleges that Monica is known to lie to get attention. She also insists that she never once heard Monica mention having family in Bermuda.

She also notes that Monica is known to have burner accounts and often sends herself DMs and text messages.

“I’m watching the new episodes, and I’m just gonna say this. If this woman is willing to call me in the middle of the night and tell me after a fight and not being spoken to for a few days, in full tears, and tell me that her daughter got hit by a car. So I get up out of my sleep, and I start to head there. She calls me right back, ‘Don’t be mad. She didn’t get hit by a car. I just knew that was the only way that you would talk to me.’ There’s your new housewife,” Monica’s former friend alleges.

Angie K and RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia are stunned by Meredith Mark's meltdown in Palm Springs
Angie K and RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia are stunned by Meredith Mark’s meltdown in Palm Springs

“In four years of friendship with her, I never heard of a single family member in Bermuda, I heard of an auntie in Arizona, and I heard of an uncle and his son in Boston. Bermuda? Never,” she continued.

She concluded: “Here’s the thing about Monica. She has a lot of burner accounts. And she likes to send herself text messages. She likes to send herself DMs. She probably sent those DMs to herself and then send them to Meredith and then send them to whoever else from her freaking burner accounts.”

Monica Slams Claims She Lied About Having Family in Bermuda

“I’m just going to say this…Production spoke with my family in Bermuda. Communicated with them. Met with them in Bermuda. Went to their homes and visited with them. signed stuff to film for my birthday and everything. So, people claiming I don’t have family there or it was a lie can continue to believe what they want. It will not change the truth.”

Monica Garcia

The RHOSLC Newbie Shares Proof Production Met With Her Family

Alongside photos of several text messages with RHOSLC production team members, Monica wrote:

“Waking up to the entire internet thinking I fabricated an entire family history is W I L D. I really am shocked that so many people believe I made up a family in Bermuda. I’m flattered that you think I’m such a good actress and that I’d be able to get away with something like that airing on national television. Like LD wouldn’t be the first one to take to social media and out my a** and say I was lying about having family in Bermuda. ? Insane. It sucks that I feel like I even have to post proof, but here you go. The same way I had to post baby and childhood pictures and my freaking genealogy records. The world chose violence today. Damn. Save it for a couple weeks? #rhoslc.”

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