RHOP Recap: Karen Calls Out Ashley for Stirring Up the Drama Between Wendy & Nneka

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On Sunday’s episode of RHOP, Karen Huger called out Ashley Darby for being “messy” and stirring the pot between Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim.

Ashley Darby owns that she was messy when she accidentally stirred up some drama between Wendy Osefo and RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim.

While sitting down to catch up with Karen Huger, the 35-year-old blamed alcohol for rewriting history when she accidentally spilled some untrue gossip to Wendy.

Ashley Darby feels for Robyn Dixon amid the gossip about Juan's alleged cheating.
Ashley Darby admits to being messy in the latest episode of RHOP.

“I may have implied that to Wendy, that Nneka was, like, sort of implying that Wendy was Osu,” Ashley told a shocked Karen, who makes it known that she has no clue what Osu means.

Ashley explains that the Nigerian term is connected to being a social outcast.

“What did Nneka say?” Karen asked, to which Ashley admitted: “Here’s the thing, Nneka didn’t say anything!”

“So, you made this s**t up?” Karen questions. “Were you being messy?”

“No, I misremembered,” Ashley insists.

“Girl. Girl,” Karen quips in response. “I’m just buckling up. My god.” 

In her confessional, Ashley explains:

“I think I put too much sauce on it and implied that Nneka was the one who brought it up, and that’s not right. I feel really guilty about it and I do want to want to set that record straight.”

“Girl, Ashley got a wooden leg!” Karen said in her own interview. “When she drinks, it goes straight to her big toe and stays there. Talking ’bout, ‘Oh, it’s goin’ to my head…’ No, it went to that bunion in your toe.”

Fast forward to Kruz and Karter Osefo’s First Holy Communion party, Ashley admitted to Wendy that she “misrepresented” Nneka, saying she was “Osu.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Nneka tells Robyn Dixon that she’s confused about Wendy pretending not to know her at all when they have met before and have mutual connections in the Nigerian community.

Nneka explained that she “met Wendy at a concert” and “saw her at a birthday party.” However, she quickly clarified: “I don’t even know her. My in-law knows her, but I’ve met her.”

RHOP season 8 intro photo
RHOP season 8 intro photo

Then, the RHOP newbie reveals that Wendy’s family has been extremely “aggressive” towards her for the last few weeks.

“So, she has an older sister, Ivy, [who’s] been contacting my husband’s cousin because they’ve been friends for like 13 years. Ivy called her one day, saying Wendy was upset because I’m using her name to socialize with you women. She was calling me all sorts of names [like] ‘clout chaser,’ [and] that I need a restraining order.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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