RHONJ’s Lauren Manzo Is Over Bravo Fans Criticizing Her Looks


RHONJ alum Lauren Manzo is over people criticizing her looks after receiving comments on everything from having Ozempic face to flappy arms.

Caroline Manzo‘s daughter, Lauren Manzo, 35, recently clapped back at comments about her appearance on TikTok.

Lauren’s rant was spurred by a comment claiming she has Ozempic face” from losing too much weight.

“Wow, that Ozempic is really f–king working. You got that sunken in Ozempic face,” the comment read.

Over the past two years, Lauren has dropped 80 pounds. She lost 50 pounds on her own with diet and exercise. The RHONJ alum turned to Mounjaro earlier this year to help her drop an additional 30 pounds. Lauren revealed this information in a post on Instagram back in February.

Check out Lauren’s before and after below!

Now, Lauren is clapping back at the constant comments over her body and looks. She explains that mean and nasty comments from RHONJ fans no longer bother her because she is already aware of her “imperfections.” Lauren notes that the comments don’t hurt her because “I am the meanest to myself.”

Lauren Manzo before and after weight loss
Former RHONJ star Lauren Manzo shows off her before and after

On TikTok, Lauren said:

“This literal grownup coming at me for having Ozempic face. I know, I know, I have Ozempic face. It’s just like being mean for no reason, but it’s fine because I know I do. I also have this flap under my chin from losing weight too fast that I’m working on tightening. Someone else commented that I need to tone up, like I know I need to tone up these flabby ass arms.”

She continued:

“I have so many imperfections that I know about, and I see and look at every single day that none of you can say anything to me that’s mean about my appearance that would hurt me because I am the meanest to myself.”

Lauren Manzo celebrates her brother Albie Manzo's engagement with her future sister-in-law Chelsea DeMonaco
RHONJ alum Lauren Manzo with future sister-in-law Chelsea DeMonaco

“So, like, I’ve already covered all the insults for myself. I look at myself in the mirror every single day and struggle with them every single day. I don’t need to hear them from you too. But if you guys wanna keep bringing ’em off, it makes you feel better about yourself. Bring ’em on. Come on, but I can handle it.”

“Just don’t do it to like the young girls out there that maybe can’t handle it, that haven’t been dealing with people like this for the last 20 years. There’s nothing any of you can tell me that is gonna hurt me because I know all my imperfections. I know I need to tone up and have flabby skin. I know that my stomach could be tighter. I know that my face could not be sunken in and all these things.”

So it makes you guys feel better to come at me with things than bring it on. But just so you know, it doesn’t bother me because I know all of these things that aren’t perfect about me, and I’m okay with them.”

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RHONJ will return to Bravo for season 14 in 2024.

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