Weight Loss Journey: Lauren Manzo’s Incredible Transformation


Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have seen Caroline Manzo‘s daughter, Lauren Manzo, struggle with her weight from the show’s inception in 2009. Weight Loss.

Any OG viewer of RHONJ may recall Caroline describing Lauren as “eight pounds of sausage in a five-pound bag” amid her struggle to lose weight via dieting and exercise.

Eventually, Lauren dropped thirty pounds after getting Lapband surgery in September of 2011.

Getting the lap band was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.When I first got it, I didn’t want to tell anybody. So many fans related to my struggle, I didn’t want to feel like I was letting them down.

Lauren told Us Weekly in June 2012

Over the years, Lauren has kept fans updated on her health journey via Instagram especially following the birth of her daughter, Marchesa Scalia, in 2017.

Most recently, Lauren revealed that she has dropped 50 pounds over the last three years after removing her Lapband in late 2019.

I got my lap band removed a few months before the 1st photo. It’s no secret I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. Not long after that photo to the left I decided I needed to get healthy not just physically but mentally as well. I started to go to therapy, working out, started to see a functional medicine doctor (thanks to you guys for recommending functional medicine instead of a gut health dr) found out what was going on to my body and naturally healed everything from the root of the problem instead of masking it with prescription medication for IBS like many doctors tried doing. I have been gluten and dairy free for over a year *if you told me that a year ago I wouldn’t believe I could ever give those 2 things up* and it has changed my life majorly. I still have a long road ahead and want to lose more weight/get into better shape but I’m proud of how far I’ve come since that first photo in 2020. One thing I can say for sure is having supportive family & friends who also love food but always make sure to cook gluten & dairy free when I’m over or always do little things like have gluten free crackers for me in their pantry has been key in helping me get to where I am. These pics were taken at Markies bday in 2020 & 2023 One day I’ll finally post a video explaining more of what I’ve changed the last 3 years but I keep promising that so who knows when it’ll come

Lauren shared via Instagram

Check out Lauren’s before and after photo below!


Lauren went on to explain that she removed her Lapband because “it slipped which is super dangerous.”

The 34-year-old also denied claims she lost the weight by taking Ozempic. However, she does admit that she started taking Mounjaro last month to aid in her weight loss.

I have been on this journey for three years and lost 50 pounds. Started Mounjaro one month ago and have lost less than 8 pounds so far. So no…it’s not from Ozempic. But yes…I have jumped on the Mounjaro train but that stubborn 8 pounds doesn’t take away from the 50 [pounds] that I lost on my own.

Lauren said in the comment section of her Instagram post

Several former RHONJ staples congratulated Lauren on her weight loss. Manzo family friend Greg Bennet called Lauren a “skinny legend” while Kathy Wakile’s sister Rosie Pierri commented:

You’re beautiful Lauren, inside and out., when [you] feel good, you look good. Great work!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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 Lauren Manzo initially lost weight by getting Lapband surgery in September 2011. However, she later removed her Lapband in late 2019 due to complications. She has since focused on her overall health by going to therapy, working out, and seeing a functional medicine doctor. She has been following a gluten and dairy-free diet for over a year, which has significantly changed her life. Additionally, she started taking Mounjaro recently to aid in her weight loss journey.

Over the course of three years, Lauren Manzo has lost a total of 50 pounds. She achieved this weight loss through various methods, including Lapband surgery, lifestyle changes, therapy, and a gluten and dairy-free diet. Although she recently started taking Mounjaro to further aid in her weight loss, she emphasizes that the majority of her weight loss was achieved on her own.

Lauren Manzo decided to remove her Lapband because it had slipped, which posed a significant danger to her health. This complication led her to opt for its removal in late 2019. Despite this, she has continued her weight loss journey through other means, such as therapy, lifestyle changes, and the adoption of a gluten and dairy-free diet.

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