Tamra Judge Fires Back At Bethenny Frankel For Going After Her and Son Ryan Over ‘Naked Wasted’ Drama With Gretchen Rossi


Tamra Judge has a bone to pick with Bethenny Frankel over comments she made about Tamra’s ‘naked wasted’ drama on RHOC.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge clapped back at Bethenny Frankel after the Skinnygirl mogul discussed the season 4 episode where Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson planned to get co-star Gretchen Rossi “naked wasted.”

On the August 20th episode of the Just B podcast, Bethenny Frankel claims that Tamra Judge kept “kept giving” Gretchen Rossi “drinks” in order to get her “naked wasted” before allowing her son, Ryan Vieth to “force himself on [Gretchen].” The Real Housewives of New York alum alleges that this type of abuse could cause “psychological damage” to someone.

“Gretchen Rossi was at Tamra’s house. And Vicki and Tamra said they were gonna get her naked wasted. They kept giving her drinks. And then in another room, Tamra’s son, you heard, like forcing himself on her. And I didn’t see a camera person go in and open up the door and be like, get off her. I, it goes as far as it can go. But someone might have psychological damage from that,” Bethenny stated.

Then, on the August 22nd episode of her own podcast, Two T’s in a Pod, Tamra Judge slammed Bethenny for going “after my son” while also defending her use of the term “naked wasted.”

Tamra Judge claims that she doesn’t understand why Bethenny “brought up a scene that is so far from the truth and goes after my son.”

RHOC's Tamra Judge and son Ryan Vieth
RHOC’s Tamra Judge and son Ryan Vieth

As for the term “naked wasted,” Tamra said: “Naked wasted was a term that me and Vicki used to use. It was nothing to do with naked. It was like saying, ‘Oh my God, if you don’t do that, I’m gonna kill you.’ No, you’re not gonna kill somebody. It’s just a term naked wasted. That means we’re gonna get drunk tonight. Had nothing to do with getting her naked at all. “

Nobody forced alcohol down anybody’s throat. Production didn’t, I didn’t, Vicki didn’t. We saw a different Gretchen when cameras were off because she would get drunk and do and say things that she wouldn’t do on camera,” Tamra explained about what really happened during the season 4 dinner party at her house.

She continued, “So when she was drinking, this is the first time that the show really captured her drinking, she started talking to my son. Then she started saying to him, ‘Oh, you, you know, I’m hotter than your mom. Right?'”

Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi
Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi

“And then even Jeana Keough said in the housewife book, she asked Ryan, ‘Can you take Gretchen to the bathroom? Show her where the bathroom is.’ The mics were on, and everything was heard. There was no forcefulness, there was no, the whole thing taken outta context, when I watch it myself, I’m like, what the fuck that isn’t what happened? That is not what happened.”

“Now, if I sat down and told Bethenny my story of what went down that night, she would’ve been advocating for me. Oh my God. The network did you dirty. She just pisses me off to no degree,” Tamra concluded. “I just didn’t understand even the point of why she brought up that story.”

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