Ariana Madix Slams Bethenny Frankel Over Raquel Leviss’ Interview Lies; Explains Living Situation, Finances, and More!


Ariana Madix fires back at some of Bethenny Frankel and Raquel Leviss’ claims from their now-viral three-part podcast interview.

The 38-year-old Vanderpump Rules star appeared on Scheana Shay’s Scheananigans podcast, where she addressed some of the lies perpetuated during Bethenny Frankel‘s sit-down podcast interview with Raquel Leviss.

To start, Ariana Madix slammed claims that she and Tom Sandoval are still living together as part of their “brand.” She also insists that she’s not “rolling in money” despite what others may think.

“Never once ever looked at my relationship as a business or a brand. That’s fucking weird. I don’t kiss my business partners. I don’t cuddle with them in bed. I don’t plan trips. They’re not my wedding date. I don’t do shit like that with business partners,” Ariana stated, adding that the only “brand” things that Ariana and Tom did together was an ad for Alka Seltzer and their cocktail book, Fancy AF Cocktails.

Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix talk about his affair with Raquel Leviss on VPR
VPR stars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

“Listen, I pay a mortgage. It’s expensive. I think a lot of people on the internet seem to think that I’m like rolling in money right now. I have a lot of places that that money has to go before I get to just freaking be like Scrooge McDuck. I am not rich. I do not have millions of dollars, and I’m also not going to squander my financial future instability by putting myself in a position to fuck myself over for the rest of my life because somebody else fucked up.”

As for why she’s still living in the home she owns with Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix explains: “I have a pretty decent little setup. I stay in my room, or I go in the kitchen if I have to, whatever. My room is kind of like a little apartment. I don’t see him, I don’t interact with him. I stay in my own little zone. I’m busy. I got a lot going on.”

VPR season ten cast photo featuring Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix, and Tom Sandoval
VPR stars Raquel Levis, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix

I have financial advisors. I have a lawyer, I have an accountant. I have all kinds of people that are helping me make the best decisions so that whatever money I’m making now or whatever money I have or could potentially get in the future goes to the right places to set me up for [long-term success.] I have never been someone who came from money, and I don’t intend to fuck myself over when it comes to money because I know how quickly that shit goes away.”

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval smile for a selfie during the happier days of their nine year relationship
Pump Rules stars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

She continues, “So I’m taking care of myself. I’m taking care of Maya and Kitty. Kitty is very old. In the past, when I have moved with her, she darted out the door, climbed up a tree, and had to have the fire department called. I know she’s older now, but cats are very territorial, and I do not wanna fuck with her in that way.

“I don’t know how much longer I have with her. I just lost Charlotte. I know that kitty’s older. She’s probably next, and I want her last years or last time to be one that is stable and positive. And if I can move once, I will move once. But I am not fucking around with my life, and I’m not letting someone else’s horrible decisions ruin my future. So I’m taking care of myself.”

Ariana Madix also fired back at Bethenny Frankel‘s claim that she must have forgiven Tom because she still lives with him.

“Bethenny is who I feel like should have known better, and who actually I think upset me more in the things that were said because even I guess as recently as whatever podcast she did after the fact, she said, ‘Ariana’s forgiven him.’ I’m like, ‘Why are you speaking for me? First of all, I don’t know you, and you don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about, lady.’ So there were a lot of things said by her that actually I think made me more angry because I feel like she should know better,” Ariana shared.

Vanderpump Rules will return to Bravo for season 11 in 2024.

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