RHONY Recap: Two Truths and No Shakshuka

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The RHONY cast continues with their trip to the Hamptons, and things are getting spicy! There’s shade, drama, & so much more. Let’s break it all down.

This week’s episode of RHONY picks up with ladies waking up from the night before, and they are ALREADY complaining. Apparently, the heat isn’t working on the top floor of Erin’s house, and the ladies are chilly AF. Ubah and Jessel are complaining to Erin about how cold they were while sleeping, but the conversation quickly turns to Jenna leaving the house the night prior. We then get a flashback of the night before of the ladies having a fun time dancing and being silly when Jenna announces she’s leaving because she has a 6:30 a.m. call and doesn’t want to spoil any of the fun. Jessel thinks that maybe Jenna wanted to wake up in her much nicer Hamptons house that is closer to the beach. Erin isn’t happy with Jessel’s comments and takes it as a major dig.

The ladies confront Jenna for sneaking out in the middle of the night

Jenna Lyons rocks oversized sunglasses and green trucker hat in the Hamptons
RHONY star Jenna Lyons rocks oversized sunglasses and a green trucker hat in the Hamptons

As the morning continues, Jenna arrives back at the house only to be immediately called out by the ladies for sneaking out to her own house in the Hamptons. Jenna fires back, explaining that everyone was partying and that she wanted to go to bed, so she went to her own house – end of story. Sai calls Jenna a granny. The ladies then continue picking on Jenna, but thankfully, she sticks up for herself. Jenna is a grown-ass woman who can come and go as she pleases. Maybe the ladies are just jealous that they didn’t have their own Hamptons house to leave and go to. Pretty sure that’s the case since they all were miserable staying at Erin’s house.

Brynn arrives in the Hamptons

RHONY stars Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield have a giggle while shopping in the Hamptons
RHONY stars Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield have a giggle while shopping in the Hamptons

As the ladies work out at Erin’s house, Brynn arrives at Erin’s house in a floor-length fur coat. She’s not thrilled that there’s no welcoming committee to greet her à la Downton Abbey. Obviously, Brynn has to throw a little shade by mentioning that Erin’s house isn’t in Southampton, which is the most coveted area to have a home in. I mean, at least Erin has a house in the Hamptons, right?

Brynn immediately starts flirting with the hot trainer, David, but Ubah already called dibs, so she’s ready and willing to check Brynn at a moment’s notice – all in good fun, obviously. Jenna then discusses the rooming situation with Erin. She offers to stay at her place if there’s not enough room with Brynn in the mix. Obviously, Erin thinks Jenna just wants to stay at her own place again, but Jenna admits she had no intention of leaving the night before and apologizes. Jenna then confesses that she feels out of her element being on someone else’s terms and schedule.

Erin says the group needs to accept Jenna for who she is while also giving her credit for slowly opening up to the group. Meanwhile, Ubah downloads Brynn on the drama surrounding Jenna sneaking out of Erin’s house the night before. Brynn wonders why Jenna can get away with that, but Erin had such an issue with her and Sai ditching the group dinner at Catch. She says it’s a double standard.

Brynn calls out a double standard

Sai de Silva wears white sweater dress at lunch in the Hamptons
RHONY‘s Sai de Silva wears a white sweater dress at lunch in the Hamptons

The group heads to lunch in Sag Harbor. Jenna and Erin are shocked and slightly embarrassed by how overdressed some of the ladies in the group are, but C’est la Vie. Brynn calls out Erin for how she treats her vs. how she treats Jenna. According to Brynn, she thinks Jenna can do no wrong in Erin’s eyes because of the size of her bank account. Erin seems shocked by Brynn calling her out but admits that maybe it’s because she likes Jenna a little bit more.

Brynn says it’s clear that Erin treats her differently because she can’t offer her as much as Jenna can when it comes to connections and status. Erin insists that’s not the case. Erin explains that she was pissed with Jenna and told her just that when they talked. That’s not completely true, but okay.

The women grill Jessel over her incessant complaining

RHONY stars Jessel Taank and Jenna Lyons share a laugh in the Hamptons
RHONY stars Jessel Taank and Jenna Lyons share a laugh in the Hamptons

The conversation then shifts to the fact that Jessel is so hard to please. The ladies all admit that they think Jessel complains way too much, which surprises Jessel.  Jessel says she only complained about the heat and the Wi-Fi, but Sai reminds her that she went ham over the lingerie Jenna gave her. Jessel explains to Brynn that Jenna gifted everyone lingerie, but the piece she received wasn’t her style. However, Sai chimes in again, noting that Jessel didn’t say it like that. Instead, she went around the house complaining about how much she hated the lingerie and that she looked like a Christmas tree. Jessel doesn’t seem happy about being called out but admits maybe she should have just zipped her lips. Jenna admits it didn’t feel great hearing Jessel bash her gift, but Jessel thinks Jenna should have come straight to her if she had an issue. Jessel then doubles down, saying that while she’s grateful for the gift, she’d happily exchange it for something that is more her style. Erin wonders why someone who hasn’t had sex in over a year is so picky about lingerie. Jenna points out that her friend made the lingerie, so the criticism is extra rude in her opinion.

As the ladies begin to head back to Erin’s house, Brynn asks where she is sleeping. Jenna tells her to take the room she’s staying in, and she will sleep at her own Hamptons’ house.

At the house, the ladies prepare for dinner. Ubah dresses Jenna for dinner and takes the fashionista out of her comfort zone. But Jenna looks chic AF and super gorgeous. To spice up the dinner, the ladies play a game of two truths and lie. The ladies spill some of their spiciest sex stories. After dinner, the ladies enjoy a night by the fire. Sai opens up about her childhood and how she grew up very poor. She explains that she had to move out at the age of 16 and fend for herself because her parents could no longer afford to take care of her.

Jenna decides to stay the night at Erin’s house, which makes the ladies happy.

End episode. The RHONY drama continues next week.

Season 14 of RHONY airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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