RHONY Recap S14/Ep2: Oh, Christmas Tree!


The week the ladies of RHONY head to the first cast trip to the Hamptons! The episode is full of laughter, shade, and some very petty but fun drama!

This week’s episode of RHONY kicks off with the ladies heading to Erin Lichy’s house in the Hamptons.

Naturally, Sai de Silva overpacked. No fellow fashionista can blame her, right? Brynn Whitfield’s not coming to the Hamptons because she’s sick…boo you, whore 😉 

The Real Housewives of New York Season 14 Premiere To Low Ratings Despite Positive Feedback
The newest Real Housewives of New York star, Brynn Whitfield

Erin’s refinished Hamptons house is beautiful. Congrats on your renovated home, girlie. 

Ubah Hassan isn’t a fan of staying at other people’s houses and really wants to stay at a hotel, but she’s trying to be a good and fashionable, sport.

There’s also a little shade about what ply toilet paper Erin might have at her house in the Hamptons, so naturally, some of the women brought their own. Love this kind of pretty drama. 

Jenna shows up at Erin’s, and she’s not feeling the sleepover vibe because she thinks it could get awkward. 

Jenna Lyons looks chic in her confessional interview with clear classes and white button down top
RHONY star Jenna Lyons

Jessel Taank reveals to Ubah and Sai that she hasn’t had sex since having her twins, but don’t worry, she’s giving plenty of BJs. Sai suggests they take Jessel lingerie shopping so she can get back on her husband’s D. 

Erin shades the ladies for not bringing her a gift as guests in her home, yet she didn’t bring a housewarming gift to Jenna’s last week. Pot meet kettle, girl. 

Of course, Sai is shading Erin’s caviar spread. Is this cheese-gate 2.0? Apparently, serving Pringles with Caviar is too low-brow for the babe from Brooklyn. 

Sai de Silva being shady about Erin Lichy's hosting abilities
Sai de Silva being shady about Erin Lichy’s hosting abilities

The ladies are a little bitchy about having to lug their luggage upstairs. Thankfully, all the ladies are okay with their rooming situations. No Ramona Singer or Sonja Morgan rooming shenanigans thus far.

Jenna opens up about a bit about her mom recently passing away and admits that weren’t super close. She explains that her mom was diagnosed with Asperger’s later in life, which explains why she was very cold and awkward during Jenna’s childhood. 

There’s some weird tension between Erin and Sai over the food being served. Ladies, it’s not that serious. Feels like a battle over who is the hostess with the mostess. If we are giving out prizes at this point in time, Jenna is the clear winner.

Ubah Hassan is sad to learn her favorite grocery story in the Hamptons in closed.
Ubah Hassan of RHONY

The rest of the ladies are shocked to learn about the lack of sex in Jessel’s marriage. Jenna gives the ladies a little lingerie, and Jessel isn’t happy with the piece she received. Jenna tells the group about her rare genetic disorder a bit and explains it causes pigmentation issues, which is why she won’t be showing any skin in front of the ladies. 

Later on in the evening, the ladies head to dinner at one of Erin’s favorite places. Ubah brings a compass to dinner to make sure she’s sitting north in order to be her “true north.” The model explains that she doesn’t drink. It turns out Jenna doesn’t either. The other ladies, on the other hand, love a libation. 

RHONY season 14 stars Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, and Brynn Whitfield appear on WWHL (Bravo)
Real Housewives of New York cast: Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, and Brynn Whitfield (Bravo)

Erin tells the ladies about what they are going to do the next day, and everyone has an opinion. She’s clearly getting flustered with all the special requests, but she’s handling it like a pro. 

Sai is creating content for her Insta at the table and doesn’t care what the ladies think because she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Get that money, honey! 

The conversation switches once again to Jessel’s dusty sex life. Erin tells Jessel just to rip off the bandaid and f—k her husband already.

Erin Lichy tells Jessel Taank to have sex with her husband after a long dry spell RHONY
Erin Lichy encourages Jessel Taank to have sex with her husband after a long dry spell on this week’s episode of RHONY

Staying on the topic of sex, the ladies ask Jenna how she knew she wanted to date women after previously being with men. Jenna explains that when her marriage was ending around 40, she had a conversation with a gay friend and had an epiphany about her sexuality that then developed over time. She then explains how she was then outed by The New York Post. Jenna says that after being out on a date, she, along with the CEO and head of PR for J.Crew, received a call from The Post asking her to confirm or deny her sexuality and if she was dating said person. At that time, Jenna hadn’t told her family, coworkers, or friends because she was only three weeks into figuring out this new part of her life. 

Jenna Lyons opens up on RHONY about being outed by The New York Post
Jenna Lyons opens up on RHONY about being outed by The New York Post

As for who she’s currently dating, Jenna says she’s keeping the details of her dating life under wraps, which confuses Sai. The content creator is confused but hopes that, eventually, Jenna will share her partner’s identity with them.

Jessel explains how she met her husband and how they were friends for a long time before dating. She also reveals that she had to do IVF in order to have her kids, which is a secret she’s kept from her family, especially her mom. 

The ladies return back to Erin’s house and decide to try on the lingerie Jenna gave to them all. Ubah jokes that she’s offended by the grandma lingerie she was given but then changes her mind when she realizes how good she looks. Jessel also isn’t happy with her option and thinks she looks like an ugly Christmas tree. Jenna is hurt and doesn’t think Jessel realizes that she’s being rude AF. Sai and Erin can see that Jenna is upset, and Sai wonders why Jenna doesn’t have the balls to say something to Jessel. 

End scene. 

RHONY airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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