RHOC: Tamra Judge Throws Napkin at Jennifer Pedranti in Explosive Fight


The drama is heating up in the OC! On this week’s episode of RHOC, Tamra Judge got into a nasty and expletive-filled fight with Jennifer Pedranti.

Tamra Judge is back to her old ways! On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra went off on friend and newbie Jennifer Pedranti.

During Tamra’s expletive-laced rant, she became so engaged that she threw a napkin at Jennifer during a dinner with their RHOC co-stars at NoBu.

The drama kicked up when Tamra confronted Jennifer about her relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian.

As Tamra expressed her “worry” over Ryan’s ability to be faithful, she became more and more engaged. Apparently, Tamra thinks it was foolish of Jennifer to leave he husband of 18 years for Ryan, who is a known “player” and has never been faithful in any relationship.

Tamra Judge explodes in argument with RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti
Tamra Judge explodes in an argument with RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti

“Yeah, if Ryan were to f–k up, I mean, it’s not gonna be like, ‘Oh, sweep it under the rug,’” Jennifer explained.

Tamra quickly fired back: “But hasn’t he already f–ked up?”

Jennifer denied that Ryan had ever cheated on her during their relationship. She previously hinted that Ryan once had “dalliance” while they were on a break.

“Do you think that he’s gonna be loyal to her for the rest of her life?” co-star Emily Simpson asked, to which Tamra replied, “No, I don’t. And the thought of him being unfaithful hurts me.”

“It f–king hurts that you air all my s–t to these new friends of mine! That f–king hurts!” a tearful Jennifer told Tamra.

However, Tamra denied that she’s the one who has been spreading rumors about Jennifer’s man, claiming everyone in Orange County knows “he’s a f–king whore.”

“It is what it is — he walked into my f–king gym and said he wanted to f–k me,” Tamra added, further fueling her previous claim that Ryan wanted to hook up with her before beginning to date Jennifer.

Tamra then dropped another bombshell about Ryan. According to Tamra, one of Ryan’s good friends told her husband Eddie Judge, to “watch your wife” because “Ryan goes after married women.”

Instead of getting angry, Jennifer hinted that there was more to the story and that Tamra was leaving out a big portion of the truth. Jennifer then insinuated that Tamra “had the hots” for Ryan.

Jennifer Pedranti shocked over fight with Tamra Judge on RHOC
Jennifer Pedranti shocked over a fight with Tamra Judge on RHOC

“I’d watch it, Tamra,”  Jennifer warned, which set Tamra off.

“Watch it? You want me to f–king watch it?!” Tamra screamed before throwing her napkin at Jennifer’s face and storming away from the table. “I gotta watch it? Are you f–king with me?”

“You should f–king leave your boyfriend, you f–king bitch! F–k you!” she continued.

After leaving the dinner table, Tamra continued to fume over her fight with Jennifer, telling co-star Shannon Beador that she is “not f–king entertaining her bulls–t.”

“She’s dating a f–king douchebag, and to insinuate that I was hitting on him? F–k that!” she added.

Heather Dubrow and Emily Simpson watch in horror as Tamra Judge attacks Jennifer Pedranti
Heather Dubrow and Emily Simpson watch in horror as Tamra Judge attacks Jennifer Pedranti

In her confessional, Jennifer explained the story behind her allegation that Tamra thinks Ryan is “hot.”

“There was a barbecue,” Jennifer said in her confessional interview. “Tamra and Eddie went to Ryan’s house, and Tamra called me from there and says, ‘Come over I’m at hot gym guy’s house.’ She jokes and says, ‘Should I go up to his bedroom and take one for the team?’”

Jennifer insists she found the whole thing “funny” but is confused as to why Tamra has an issue with Ryan all of a sudden.

Eventually, a very “livid” Tamra makes her way back to the table and apologizes to Jennifer for “throwing a napkin in your face.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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