RHOC Season 17 Premiere Recap


The OG Real Housewives franchise is BACK with the season 17 premiere of the RHOC. Let’s catch up with the OC Housewives and dive into the drama!

Tamra Judge is back, baby!

The RHOC Season 17 premiere kicks with us catching up with Tamra and Eddie Judge. Tamra admits she needed time away from the show and is bringing a new perspective with her to the show this time around.

Tamra reveals her life has changed a lot since the last time she was on the show. She and Eddie moved back to their previous home in Ladera Ranch, and – surprise – Tamra’s mom is living with them. They are also closing their gym, CUT Fitness.

Shannon Beador Reveals Why Her Friendship With Tamra Went Downhill

Next up, we see Shannon Beador and Emily Simpson get together for a hike and chat about life.

The conversation quickly turns to Tamra, who recently bad-mouthed Emily in the press, calling her an “angry girl” who “was dancing on my grace when I got fired.”

Shannon admits she doesn’t want to be around someone who can just fly off the handle like that and attack people. Emily asks Shannon what caused her friendship fallout with Tamra, noting that they were on such good terms when Tamra left RHOC in 2020.

Emily Simpson wears blue dress in RHOC season 17 confessional
RHOC’s Emily Simpson

The 59-year-old says that Tamra being fired from RHOC really hurt their friendship. Shannon insists she kept in touch with Tamra after she got fired from RHOC but says Tamra got bitter when they couldn’t always find the time to connect away from the show.

Shannon says Tamra then spent the next two years on a media tour bashing her and claiming she has a drinking problem.

Emily hopes that Tamra and Shannon can find a resolution. Shannon isn’t sure but makes it clear that her voice will be heard.

Let’s Catch Up With Emily, Gina Kirschenheiter, and the Dubrows

In other news, Emily’s husband, Shane Simpson, is now a working attorney! FINALLY. Now, Emily is a stay-at-home mom while Shane is gone all day working. Emily admits that she struggling with the changing dynamics. Gina Kirschenheiter is thriving in the co-parenting department with her ex-husband, Matt Kirschenheiter.

Heather Dubrow is playing nurse to her husband, Terry Dubrow, who is recovering from surgery after tearing his meniscus. The two are also preparing for the two oldest kids, twins Max and Nick, are heading off to college, which has the couple feeling very emotional. Meanwhile, Heather is also having some issues in the friendship department. Heather tells Terry that it feels like something is off between her and Gina. In a flashback scene, Heather tells Emily that she thought they were building a great friendship, but then Gina went radio silent on her out of nowhere. Emily admits that she’s been in the same boat with Gina in the past.

Heather says she’s not going to put in the effort with Gina right now, especially since she’s seeing Gina out and about without her all the time, adding that she’s not going to chase Gina anymore.

We Meet RHOC Newbie Jennifer Pedranti

Tamra and Eddie go bowling with some of their couple of friends. The group includes RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti. Tamra explains that she and Jennifer have been friends for years then Jennifer started going to her and Eddie’s now-defunct gym, CUT Fitness. They even trained Jennifer for a body competition at one point in time. Not to mention, Jennifer met her man Ryan at CUT Fitness.

Jennifer is hosting an out-of-studio party for her new yoga studio. She tells Tamra to invite some friends. Eddie tells his friends that they are closing CUT Fitness. Tamra is worried about how Eddie will handle the closure of CUT. She’s worried that Eddie will struggle to find his footing after they officially close CUT.

Heather and Gina Catch Up

Gina FINALLY calls Heather and asks to pop by with some gifts for her daughter, Max, who is heading to Boston for college. Heather seems surprised but happy to hear from Gina.

When Gina arrives at Chateau Dubrow, she admits how much she has missed Heather but confesses that she has been going through a lot of changes in her life. Gina tells Heather that she is studying to get her real estate license. Fancy Pants then reveals that her son, Nick, who is 18, is doing the same.

Heather Dubrow wears leopard dress for RHOC season 17 confessional
RHOC star Heather Dubrow’s season 17 confessional

Gina explains that she now has six mouths to feed and has to save to pay six college tuition in the future. Six? I know Gina has three kids, and so does her boyfriend, Travis, but why is she solely responsible for feeding them and paying for their college? Hello, Gina, wake up! I hope Travis is as stressed about this as Gina is, but something tells me that’s not the case.

Heather wastes no time bringing up the fact that she hasn’t heard from Gina all summer. Fancy Pants says she understands that summer is a crazy time, but Gina didn’t send her one text or anything all summer, which hurt, especially after they got so close last year.

Gina explains that she and Travis didn’t have his kids for a while which really affected their family. She says that her kids got sad over not seeing their step-siblings which made her melancholy as well. Gina then word vomits more and more excuses. From the looks of it, Heather doesn’t seem to be buying anything that is coming out of Gina’s mouth.

Get to Know Jennifer More

We learn that RHOC newbie Jennifer has quite a unique life. Jennifer has a ton of kids – four sons ranging in age from 16, 18, 13, and 9. Plus, she has a 9-year-old daughter, and you can’t forget the two dogs, two guinea pigs, two fish, a cat, and five foster kittens.

To make her life even more complex, Jennifer’s ex-husband, Will, still lives with her despite her being in a relationship with Ryan. Jennifer explains that her ex-husband lives in Oklahoma most of the time, working at her family’s business. Instead of having the kids go back and forth from the OC to Oklahoma, Will will come into town and stay at the house. When Will is home, Jennifer goes and stays at her boyfriend’s home.

While Jennifer admits the whole situation is a little strange, she acknowledges that it works for their family at the moment. Oddly enough, Jennifer’s boyfriend seems to get a kick out of the whole wacky situation.

Tamra and Heather Reunite

Heather invites Gina and Tamra to play pickleball. This is the first time Heather and Tamra have been together in quite a while, but things seem good between the two.

After trying their hands at pickleball, the ladies sit down for a picnic lunch and champagne. They discuss Jennifer’s upcoming yoga retreat, and Heather says she was thinking of inviting Shannon, which shocks Tamra.

Tamra tells Gina and Heather that Shannon completely ghosted her, which is a claim that Shannon denies. She says that Shannon was not there when she needed her. Heather admits that she’s in a good place with Shannon and feels like Shannon may have changed a bit. Fancy Pants is hopeful that Shannon and Tamra can work through their issues.

Jennifer’s Yoga Retreat – DRAMA!

Everyone arrives at the event. Tamra greets Shannon with a huge but things are clearly awkward between the two.

They all start doing yoga. Naturally, Shannon is struggling. Remember her trying to work out in Tamra’s booty blaster class at CUT Fitness?! Oh, the memories.

Everyone pairs off and opens up to each other. Emily admits she would like to get to know Tamra better, noting that they probably are more alike than they realize. She jokes that they are both tough and bitches. LOL.

Afterward, Gina tells Heather and Tamra that Shannon seems much more chill. Heather agrees, adding that she’s been like that lately. Tamra wonders if she’s smoking some pot to chill out. Meanwhile, Shannon is chatting with Emily, Jennifer, and some others. She explains that she doesn’t feel the need to get married after her nasty divorce. Jennifer tells the group that she married her ex at 25. Her ex is an OC native, and she hails from Oklahoma. She moved to OC for her husband while he continued to go back and forth to Oklahoma for work. Jennifer explains her family loves her ex-husband despite their split.

Jennifer reveals that her family couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that she left her husband and even tried to do several interventions to change her mind. The newbie says it was the first time she ever put herself first in life.

Despite Emily being sweet to Jennifer’s face. In her confessional, Emily reveals that she’s heard gossip that Jennifer cheated on her husband.

Then Gina asks Tamra if she’s going to talk to Shannon, to which Tamra replies yes. Emily says that Tamra just needs to have an open and honest chat with Shannon just as Shannon walks into the conversation.

Tamra and Shannon both feel awkward and uncomfortable as Emily and Gina run away. Both Tamra and Shannon tell each other they’re fine while also admitting they miss each other. Tamra breaks down, saying life has been hard lately. She tells Shannon that her dog Brox died and that they closed CUT Fitness down. Shannon is shocked to learn all of this.

They leave things on a good note but admit they have a lot to work through.

RHOC airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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The Season 17 of Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) premiered on [insert premiere date here].

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