Tamra Judge Threatens To Expose Secret About Teresa Giudice


The claws are out! The bubbling drama between Teresa Giudice and Tamra Judge has hit a fever pitch.

The returning RHOC star bashed Teresa on the April 20 episode of her and Teddi Mellencamp‘s Two T’s in a Pod podcast after the RHONJ OG called her a “bad friend.”

Teresa recently criticized Tamra for having Caroline Manzo on her podcast, considering the RHONJ alum’s current drama with Tamra’s good friend Brandi Glanville. Caroline and Brandi are currently feuding after the former RHOBH star was accused of touching Caroline’s “breast area and vaginal area” while filming season 4 of Peacock’s Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Brandi has since denied the allegation, while Caroline has made it clear she “never” wants to participate in the RHUGT franchise ever again.

Now, Tamra is defending the decision to have Caroline on her and Teddi’s podcast. While doing so, she also slams Teresa’s lack of intelligence.

The bitch is back,” Tamra began. “So Teresa went after me again. I don’t know what her fucking problem is. It’s about the fifth time she’s come after me and you; I think it happened after Melissa was on the podcast. You know what this mob mentality of, you know, you can’t help that person because I don’t like that person is bullshit. This is a business. So was she brought up Brandi on [her podcast], which if that’s not also for ratings and money [then] I’m confused.”

She continued, “We’re strictly a housewife podcast,” before noting that she gave Brandi a heads up that Caroline would be on the podcast to promote her new cooking show.

According to Tamra, Brandi was like,“‘No worries. I get it, babe.'”

The mom of four then went in on the RHONJ star – hard.

“I usually ignore, but now, no. So I thought, not today, forehead, not today. Ding dong, not today. Jailbird. I’m not having it. So let me break it down for you, Teresa. I know it’s hard for you to understand. I’m gonna try to dumb it down for you as much as I can.”

“But we are strictly a housewife podcast. We work for iHeart. They do not work for us. This is a job. And by the way, it’s a pretty, pretty fucking fun job, right?” Tamra continued, explaining that she and Teddi don’t always have control over who is booked for their show as they work for iHeart. She points out that Caroline was a great interview and that it’s their job to bring on Housewives who have things to promote, much like Teresa did when she appeared on their podcast last year to discuss her Namaste B$tches podcast.

“Teresa, just sit the fuck down. This is me telling you to shut the fuck up. So, sit down, shut up like you’re doing right now at the reunion.”

Teddi then adds fuel to the fire, claiming that Teresa only began having an issue with her and Tamra when they mentioned anything about her husband, Louie Ruelas. She adds that they have a whole arsenal of tea they’ve been sent about Louie.

“She started getting upset when we started mentioning anything regarding her new husband. I’ve never had an issue with Teresa. She started talking about me [after] we started pointing out red flags [about] Louie,” Teddi claimed.

“And I just think it’s gonna get worse because when you’re unhappy or when you’re trying to cover up somebody else, it makes you even more miserable. And the fact that we haven’t gone down the rabbit hole on all the stuff that we’ve been sent about Louie because, let me tell you, our inboxes are full, full, full of the different businesses, allegedly all kinds of stuff. So we have kept our mouths shut, so don’t poke it. Don’t poke the bears,” she continued.

Tamra then sent a warning of her own to Teresa. The VENA CBD owner alleges that she has kept a secret about Teresa and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, for 15 years.

“I mean, this whole mob mentality is just ridiculous. Like, you can’t talk to this person cuz I’m talking to this person, and you know, my loyalty, my loyalty, and I’m like, you know what, girl? I kept a very big secret for probably 15 years about you and your ex-husband. We went out one night, and we all were lit. And guess what? Something happened that night, and I got the phone call the next morning. Don’t talk to the press. Don’t tell anybody. Don’t tell anybody what happened.”

“So you guys just ponder on that,” she concluded.

If all of that weren’t enough, Tamra then went in on Teresa and her fans on Twitter. Check out Tamra’s posts below!

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Teresa Giudice and Tamra Judge have been involved in a heated feud, with Tamra criticizing Teresa on her podcast after Teresa called her a “bad friend.”

Teresa criticized Tamra for having Caroline Manzo on her podcast due to Caroline’s ongoing feud with Tamra’s friend Brandi Glanville, where Brandi was accused of inappropriate behavior towards Caroline during the filming of a reality show.

Tamra defended her decision to have Caroline on her podcast, stating that it is a business and they work for iHeart. She also criticized Teresa’s intelligence and explained that they bring on Housewives to promote their projects, just like Teresa did when she appeared on their podcast previously.

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