Reunion Drama: Ashlee Holmes’ Skepticism Towards Teresa Giudice


It turns out Ashlee Holmes was skeptical when learning that her mom, Jacqueline Lauritas, was rekindling her friendship with Teresa Giudice. Jacqueline Lauritas has always been known for her strong personality and unwavering loyalty, which is why her decision to reconnect with Teresa Giudice came as a surprise to many. Despite their past differences, Jacqueline Lauritas believes in the power of forgiveness and second chances. As Jacqueline Lauritas and Teresa Giudice continue to rebuild their bond, it remains to be seen how their renewed friendship will unfold in the future.

As we previously reported, Jacqueline and Teresa recently rekindled their friendship in Las Vegas. The pair enjoyed a five-hour lunch with their husbands, Chris Laurita and Louie Ruelas.

“I saw her reconnect with Teresa, and I was like, ‘Teresa? Really?’” the 32-year-old tells Page Six, adding that she “texted” her mom and “called her out.”

“I’m very blunt. My mom and I have that sister relationship,” she adds. “I was like, ‘You know, I wish you guys well.’”

Ashlee notes that she was “skeptical” of “the timing” of their reconciliation, considering her mom had just called out Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

“I was saying to my mom, I was like, ‘You know, there might be ulterior motives,’” she admits, confessing that she “wasn’t as accepting of it in the beginning.”

However, Ashlee eventually came around to the idea.

“My mom kind of explained the whole situation to me and how it went down. And honestly, like, it makes sense,” she explains.

The professional makeup artist notes that her mom “isn’t coming back” to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, which is she believes Teresa was not “trying to make up with her to recruit her to be a little ally on the show” or “talk s–t about Melissa on camera.”

“When they met, they honestly didn’t even talk about Melissa or the show or anything like that,” she claims. “It was just kind of recapping [that] they were both going through really stressful times in their lives when they had that fallout.”

Ashlee went on to praise Teresa for “going to therapy” and Louie Ruelas for “helping [her] work on herself.” She also reveals that her mom and Teresa have picked up right where they left off with their friendship.

“Ever since [their meet-up], I’ve been on the phone with my mom, and she’ll be like, ‘Oh, hold on Teresa’s calling. Let me call you right back,’” Ashlee says, noting that Teresa and Jacqueline are “talking all the time.”

“I believe in growth. I believe people can change and grow. Otherwise, what’s the point?” Ashlee continues. “As you get older, it gets harder to change, but I do believe it’s possible.”

“So I think they were both at a place where they were ready to reconnect,” she adds.

However, Ashlee admits the one snag in Jacqueline and Teresa’s reconciliation.

“It gets tricky for me, though, because I’m really close with my Aunt Caroline [Manzo],” she explains. “I just want everyone to get along!”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Ashlee Holmes was skeptical because her mom had recently called out Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, and she questioned the timing of their reconciliation.

Yes, Ashlee eventually came around to the idea after her mom explained the situation to her and how it went down. She understood that there were no ulterior motives and that they were both going through stressful times when they had their fallout.

No, Jacqueline Laurita is not planning to return to the show. Her reconciliation with Teresa Giudice was not driven by any intentions to recruit her as an ally on the show or to talk negatively about Melissa Gorga. They simply wanted to reconnect and put their past behind them.

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