EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Reunites With Former BFF Jacqueline Laurita Following Interview With AllAboutTRH Defending Teresa

Fans went wild when RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita recently went on record and defended Teresa Giudice to AllAboutTRH. In an interview with us, we asked Jacqueline whether Melissa ever spoke poorly of Teresa and if she even liked her to begin with. Jacqueline told us, “Yes, Melissa spoke poorly of Teresa when they appeared to be good, and no, I don’t believe she ever liked Teresa or wanted Teresa and I to be close again. Everyone was just playing the tv game.” Jacqueline added, “I believe Melissa [Gorga] was jealous that Teresa and I were getting along and she knew that producers were pushing for us to be friends again. That’s why I believe Melissa twisted the narrative on camera into steering the viewers into believing that I was the one jealous of their relationship. The truth is…I was never jealous of their relationship. I knew how they really felt about each other and I always told Melissa (& Teresa as well) to fake it until they make it work, if they don’t want to fight on camera and/or are unable to resolve it off camera. (I had to accept that “reality” wasn’t really “reality” on our show anymore.) Right after that, Teresa seemed to turn on me again. We were good that night at dinner and even right after I was mocking Robyn for trying to have her tv moment by coming after me. What happened after that, I still don’t know. Was someone in her ear too?” Teresa Giudice came out on her Nameste podcast to reveal she had no idea why Jacqueline is speaking out but defended the OG by saying Jacqueline was not thirsty and isn’t doing this to get on the show. She also opened up about how she was devastated when she and Jacqueline stopped being friends comparing it to having a “friends divorce.” She added that she wishes Jacqueline nothing but the best. Fans were hoping that the two would reconcile and their wish came true because the ladies reunited on Saturday while Teresa was in Vegas. Sources tell AllAboutTRH exclusively, “Teresa and Jacqueline spoke after Teresa’s podcast and had a friendly exchange texting back and forth several times.” Our source adds, “Time has passed and they are both in a happy place. Teresa was in Vegas for a Bruno Mars concert and the pair decided to catch up meeting for lunch with Jacqueline bringing Chris Laurita and Teresa brought her husband Louie Rueles.” So how did the lunch go? “It was just like old times and that felt good for both of them.”
They shared the epic photo above smiling ear to ear with each other.

Are you surprised to see Jac and Teresa reunite?

 Jacqueline defended Teresa because she believed that Melissa Gorga, another cast member, was jealous of their friendship and twisted the narrative on camera. Jacqueline also mentioned that producers were pushing for her and Teresa to be friends again.

Yes, Jacqueline and Teresa reconciled. They had a friendly exchange after Teresa’s podcast and decided to meet for lunch in Vegas. They were joined by their respective partners, Chris Laurita and Louie Rueles.

The lunch between Jacqueline and Teresa went well. It felt like old times for both of them, and they were seen smiling ear to ear in a photo they shared.

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