RHOM: Dr. Nicole Martin’s Accusations Stir Controversy Among OGs and New Wives

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The Real Housewives of Miami have become a huge hit after returning to Peacock following a pause for nearly a decade. RHOM continues getting rave reviews since they came back but newer housewife Dr. Nicole Martin says she fears history may repeat itself after ‘intense’ season 5 reunion telling ET online,
“I wasn’t around 10 years ago when they did season 3, but I can tell you — from what I saw and what I read — that season 3 got really toxic, and there comes a point where people don’t respect other people’s boundaries. When you come for peoples families, you come for their careers, you come for their children, then you start to hate your fellow castmates, right? And hate’s a strong word, but when people can’t get along, how do you film a group ensemble?”
Nicole asks, “If you can’t sit across a dinner table without wanting to basically poke each other’s eyes out, like, how do you do a whole season?” Bravo has been having this issue quite a bit with among the franchise including RHONJ’s cast being extremely divided. Nicole adds, “I’m honestly worried that we’re teetering very close to that line, where it’s gonna be hard to recover from some of the accusations and damages between OG and OG. … I’m really hoping that people can be accountable for their choice of words and their actions, because people need to apologize or there’s no place to move forward.” RHOM’s cast became extremely divided after the RHOM cast trip to Miami where Adriana De Moura compared her swollen ankle to Alexia Echevarria car accident that almost took his life. Nicole says the OGs have a “complicated” relationship that she is not even going to attempt to understand admitting, “Their relationship spans over a decade, and there’s definitely deeper rooted issues than what happens during this season. I think there’s a lot of pain and triggers from things that have happened … 10 years ago, and I think a lot of that kind of comes up during an argument in the Bahamas.” Nicole also accuses the OGs of not being happy sharing the spotlight with the new wives. She says, “These women were the face of the show for three seasons prior, and then the show was not airing for 10 years and they continued to be the face for 10 years. You have someone who has been the face of Miami for 13 years, and now you have three new cast members that are coming in and like contributing to the show — because it’s an ensemble show — and they are not happy to share the spotlight with new faces. At least that’s how it feels to us.” She says that that things were left unresolved after the Miami reunion filmed last month, “I want to say we left reunion and everybody was like, ‘Oh, everything was hunky-dory,’ you know, in the words of Kathy Hilton. But, yeah, no. Things are left unresolved, and it’s just going to be interesting to see where we go next season.” Nicole reveals ‘alliances run deeper than you think.’

Does Dr. Nicole Martin make a good point? Are you watching Miami on peacock?

Dr. Nicole Martin is worried that the intense dynamics and toxic behavior among the cast members may repeat itself, leading to a lack of respect for boundaries and potential damage to relationships. She believes that when personal attacks are made on families, careers, and children, it becomes difficult for the cast to get along and film a successful season.

: According to Dr. Nicole Martin, the OGs of RHOM have been the face of the show for many years, even during the 10-year hiatus. With the introduction of new cast members, who are contributing to the ensemble show, the OGs may not be happy to share the spotlight. Dr. Nicole believes that the OGs have a sense of entitlement and are resistant to accepting new faces in the spotlight.

 Yes, there are unresolved issues among the cast members of RHOM. Dr. Nicole Martin reveals that after the Miami reunion, which was filmed last month, things were left unresolved. She suggests that alliances run deeper than what is apparent and that it will be interesting to see how these unresolved issues impact the next season of the show.

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