Echevarria, Moura: A Tale of Ankle Swelling and Car Accidents

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On the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Miami, the ladies are having a great time in the Bahamas when things quickly turn. During the episode,  RHOM’s Kiki and Guerdy playfully fall on Adriana De Moura’s foot and  Adriana believes she broke her foot only to find out that it’s just swollen. Still, Adriana says she is in a lot of pain. The ladies believe she is playing it up for attention when she appears the next day in a wheelchair. Adriana asks the ladies if anyone cared that her foot almost got broken in 1,000 pieces and Larsa replies, “almost? It didn’t happen.” Adriana thinks it isn’t right that everyone is being dismissive while Alexia Echevarria asks why Adriana always plays the victim. Adriana says she is not a victim. Alexia explains that it was an accident and could have happened to anyone implying she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. “I know, but accidents, you know, have consequences,” Adriana points out. “As you know with Frankie….” referring to when Frankie Rosello was involved in a near-fatal car accident that left him with a long road to recovery and ultimately to never be the same. After Adriana made the comparison, Alexia calls her a clown while tears stream down her face. Following the episode, Alexia made a statement saying, “For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or ‘connect’ their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong. ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY.” Read the full statement Alexia’s BFF and RHOM star Marysol Patton also called out Adriana for her part and complimenting Alexia as a mother

Are you surprised Adriana compared her swollen foot to Frankie’s accident?

On the most recent episode, the ladies were enjoying their time in the Bahamas when an incident occurred involving RHOM’s Kiki and Guerdy playfully falling on Adriana De Moura’s foot. Adriana initially believed her foot was broken but later discovered it was just swollen.

 Adriana appeared in a wheelchair the next day because she claimed to be in a lot of pain. However, the other ladies believed she was exaggerating for attention.

Adriana faced criticism for comparing her swollen foot to Frankie’s near-fatal car accident. Alexia Echevarria, in particular, called her out and expressed that it was inappropriate to connect her level of pain and suffering to what Frankie had endured.

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