Carlos King Exposes Robyn Dixon’s Season 7 Secrets

Carlos King is making it known that if he were running the show on the Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon would be getting kicked to the curb following her recent confession. Former Real Housewives executive producer revealed on YouTube that he would have fired Robyn after she waited to reveal her husband Juan Dixon’s affair until after season 7 finished filming. “It’s very disappointing to learn that we spent this entire half-assed season with these made-up storylines about Chris Bassett,” the Reality with the King podcast host said. “You got on a podcast and spilled tea about Juan cheating on you, y’all dealt with it, he was being an idiot, and it took a minute to get through it … and maybe that had to do with the wedding not happening. What you talkin’ about, Willis?” “You mean to tell me you spent months filming a REALITY show, where you were exposing everyone’s alleged reality instead of spilling your own tea,” he continued. Carlos then said that the Potomac OGs are a “big disappointment” as they have stopped being authentic on camera. As we previously reported, Robyn revealed, on the January 30 episode of her and Gizelle Bryant’s Resonably Shady podcast, that the rumor about Juan’s affair during the end of the COVID pandemic was true. According to Robyn, the woman reached out to her on Instagram to expose Juan’s affair. Gizelle noted that the woman also reached out to her about the affair as well. Robyn knew about the affair before filming for season 7 of RHOP began. When Robyn learned that the woman also reached out to Gizelle and Ashley Darby, she assumed that that woman probably reached out to other Potomac Housewives as well so Robyn waited with bated breath for someone in the RHOP cast to expose the affair all season long. This revelation infuriated fans and members of the RHOP cast because instead of revealing this real storyline Gizelle and Ashley perpetuated lies about other members of the cast, including Candiace Dillard’s husband, Chris Basset. Because of all of this, Carlos notes that if he were the EP of RHOP, Robyn and Juan would be off the show for good. “Forget being on pause; you would be on the unemployment line. Handed a pink slip,” Carlos quipped. The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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Carlos King believes that Robyn Dixon should be kicked off the show because she waited until after filming season 7 to reveal her husband Juan Dixon’s affair, leading to a season filled with made-up storylines and lies about other cast members.

 On her podcast, Robyn Dixon admitted that the rumor about Juan’s affair during the end of the COVID pandemic was true. She had known about it before filming for season 7 began and waited for someone in the RHOP cast to expose the affair throughout the season.

Fans and RHOP cast members are upset with Robyn Dixon because instead of revealing the real storyline about Juan’s affair, she and Gizelle Bryant perpetuated lies about other cast members, including Candiace Dillard’s husband, Chris Bassett. This revelation infuriated viewers and led to calls for Robyn and Juan to be removed from the show.

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