Robyn Dixon’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Redemption

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What Are the Details Behind Robyn Dixon’s Confirmed Affair Rumors?

Robyn Dixon has confirmed that the rumor about her husband, Juan Dixon, having an affair at the end of COVID was true. The Real Housewives of Potomac OG confirmed this gossip on the January 30th episode of her and Gizelle Bryant’s Reasonably Shady podcast. According to Robyn, the woman reached out to her on Instagram to expose Juan’s affair. Gizelle noted that the woman also reached out to her about the affair as well. Robyn knew about the affair before filming for season 7 of RHOP began. When Robyn learned that the woman also reached out to Gizelle, she assumed that that woman probably reached out to other Potomac Housewives as well so Robyn waited with bated breath for someone in the RHOP cast to expose the affair all season long. While Robyn was prepared to discuss the affair on camera, the situation never came to light during filming. “I was already aware of the situation, and I expected to talk about it on season seven,” Robyn confessed. While Robyn wouldn’t go into too many details, noting that “there are a lot of things that need to be cleared up,” adding that a lot of “what’s being said” about Juan’s affair “did not happen.” Robyn said she will address the lies and inconsistencies on the Reasonably Shady Patreon channel. She also admitted that the affair was something she and Juan had to work through before getting married. Turns out Juan’s affair is why fans didn’t see him and Robyn say ‘I do’ during season 7 of RHOP. “The situation, when it was presented to me, was discussed. It was handled; it was something we had to work through,” Robyn explained. “It was not something that was just like, oh, okay, whatever.” “Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram. You know, because he’s bored. He needs attention. It’s the pandemic, blah, blah, blah, whatever. However, they did not date. He did not fly her anywhere,” she continued. “There is a reason why his name is on a hotel receipt, which I will share on Patreon,” Robyn added. “And the reason is not because he asked her to come and volunteered to pay for this hotel room.” Robyn ended things by revealing that she and Juan are moving on from his indiscretion and are looking towards the future hence their recent wedding. “I will say just with respect to Juan and I; we have dealt with the situation. It was definitely something that, you know, we had to work through relationship-wise. Maybe that’s why the wedding didn’t happen when y’all wanted it to,” she said. “It was something that we dealt with, and, you know, we’re moving forward.”
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 Yes, Robyn Dixon confirmed on her Reasonably Shady podcast that the rumor about her husband, Juan Dixon, having an affair at the end of COVID was true.

The woman involved in the affair reached out to Robyn on Instagram to expose Juan’s affair. She also reached out to Gizelle Bryant, another cast member of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

No, the affair did not come to light during the filming of season 7. Robyn was prepared to discuss it on camera, but it never became a topic of discussion.

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