Crystal Minkoff Opens Up About Season 12 Drama and Teases Season 13 Fun

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Crystal Minkoff finally admits that Lisa Rinna took the drama too far during season 12 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “It went a lot farther than I ever expected or wanted for anybody,” Crystal said of the infamous Aspen meltdown that led to Rinna calling Kathy Hilton “the devil.” “But I was really surprised that Lisa left,” the 39-year-old confessed of Rinna’s exit from the show. Earlier this month, Rinna announced her exit from RHOBH after eight seasons. However, she acknowledged that “Real Housewives is a revolving door, too. Many people that have been important have left, and that gives room for other women to be on the show.” When it comes to her role on RHOBH, Crystal says she hopes to show fans her fun side for season 13, noting that over the last two seasons, fans have seen her more serious side as she’s been very vocal about her lifelong struggle with food and bulimia. “I’m actually a really bubbly person, and I have a lot of fun,” Crystal said. “Last season was so focused on the drama. The topics we talk about are pretty heavy. So, it’s hard to have fun in that environment. I’m not a performative person, so I’m not going to pretend to have fun. But if I do come back, I’d like to tap into my whole life.” Speaking of her struggles with an eating disorder, Crystal reveals why she never fought back against Erika Jayne during season 12.  As fans may recall, a  drunk Erika decided to have a serious conversation about eating disorders with Crystal at Diana Jenkins’ holiday party. During the conversation, the Pretty Mess singer encouraged Crystal to use laxatives which shocked the mom of two. “People asked me why I didn’t fight back,” Crystal said of the confrontation. “When something is so painful for you, some people fight back. But that’s not my reaction. I clam up, which is what people saw. I can’t fight someone on this topic. I’m already fighting enough internally, so I’m not going to fight someone to try to understand what I’m going through.” “My health and my recovery are key,” she noted. “Nothing else matters. The show doesn’t matter.” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 13 in 2023.

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Lisa Rinna announced her exit from RHOBH after eight seasons. She stated that the drama during season 12 went farther than she expected or wanted for anyone. However, it is important to note that the Real Housewives franchise often sees cast members come and go, creating room for new women to join the show.

Crystal Minkoff hopes to showcase her fun side in season 13. She mentions that the previous seasons focused heavily on drama and serious topics, such as her struggles with food and bulimia. Crystal wants to tap into her whole life and demonstrate her bubbly personality if she returns for the next season.

Crystal Minkoff chose not to fight back against Erika Jayne during season 12 when the topic of eating disorders was brought up. She explains that when something is deeply painful, her reaction is to clam up rather than engage in a confrontation. Crystal was already fighting enough internally, so she didn’t feel the need to fight someone else to make them understand her struggles. Her health and recovery are her top priorities, and the show itself is not as important.

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