Erika Jayne: Attorney’s Wife ‘Obsessed’ With Her

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Erika Jayne is pissed!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star called into Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp’s Two T’s in a Pod podcast to discuss Attorney Ronald Richards and his wife, Lauren Boyette-Richards, purchasing her diamond earrings, which went to auction earlier this month.

“So please explain to me what kind of stalker gets your earrings, posts them on Instagram, and goes from there,” Teddi asked Erika, to which she replied, “I would love to say I’m shocked, but at this point in my life I’m just not.”

Tamra chimed in, noting that Richards has been “obsessed” with Erika for “so long” and the fact that he’s now bought her earrings is “so disgusting.”

“I agree. And it’s also frightening cause it’s someone that leaked my address that has been ruthlessly doing everything that he can to basically push himself into my life and into everything that has fallen apart around this entire situation,” Erika explained. “And yeah, earrings are, are, you know, a part of it.”

Erika wonders why Richards would want the diamonds when he believes they have “such negative energy” and “were blood diamonds.”

“It’s a trophy.  They’re so obsessed. It’s a trophy. And you can feel it, and you can see it. It’s really weird,” she quipped.

The Pretty Mess singer continued, “I’ve raised it many times with many people, and you know, I’m sure that they’re gonna love the fact that we’re talking about it on the podcast. Cause that’s who these people are. You know, I’ve always said let the courts figure it out. Let the courts work it out. There’s so much, I, I dunno if, you know, like the, um, the CFO or the accountant was arrested for, you know, uh, stealing 10 million out of Girardi Keese. So there’s a lot of, I saw that. Other things that are happening and the earrings, you know, uh, that went up for auction. I mean, it’s fine, I get it. But even if you bought them, like what’s the point? You know, that’s cool. Obviously, you’re free to do whatever you want.” 

The returning OC Housewife interjected that “it’s weird” they bought the earrings.

“If a stranger were to buy, if a stranger were to buy them and just wear the earrings, they’re nice earrings. It is what it is,” Teddi added.

“Reset them and keep going on with your life,” Erika said in agreement before adding, “Lemme just say something. If you wanted a pair of diamonds, the world is littered with beautiful diamond earrings, believe me. So, this was a personal thing, and they are obsessed. 1000% obsessed with the Bravo universe. You know this is what they want.” 

As for Boyette-Richards taunting Erika on Instagram, Erika said, “Yes, they did. She said I did this because she was mean to me. Hey, you stepped in. You want it in here. This is what it is. Wear the earrings in good health and enjoy some other women’s earrings.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 13 in 2023.

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