Kyle Richards Reacts to Kathy Hilton Liking a Comment Claiming She Will Do Anything For Money and Accusing Her of Masterminding Lisa Rinna’s Attack

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Kyle Richards is finally reacting to a nasty comment about her that her sister Kathy Hilton recently liked.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG appeared on the October 28 episode of her BFF Teddi Mellencamp’s podcast, Two T’s in a Pod.

During the interview, Kyle shared her feelings about Kathy and her daughter, Paris Hilton, liking and sharing not-so-nice posts about her on social media.

Kathy recently liked a post on Instagram that said Kyle would do anything for money. The comment also claimed that Kyle was the mastermind behind Lisa Rinna’s attack on Kathy.

The comment read:

“To those saying, ‘Why would Kyle let Rinna do this?’ Understand one thing. She has not “let” them do it. She is behind them doing it. It’s how she operated all along. People still aren’t seeing it. Rinna attempts to destroy her acquaintances. Kyle does the same to her own family and friends. She will do anything for money and social status, whether it’s laughing at 14 year old black boy, getting verbally abused and cheering it on with her husband or destroying her sister Kim at her most vulnerable. There is nothing too low for Kyle Richards.”

Kyle called her family liking nasty comments about her a “double standard.”

“I have blood family liking mean tweets about me. Liking tweets saying that I should be fired, of the show I’ve been on for 12 years, that I brought my sister in to have fun with her. I’m like, What? What is this? Why is there this double standard? So, you know, that’s not, I don’t think people are noticing that,” Kyle explained.

Teddi chimed in, saying, “I mean, and Kathy also liked the tweet, and I hate, I’m sorry, but like she liked the tweet,” before reading the above comment Kathy liked.

Kyle explained that Kathy claims she liked that comment by accident.

“I would never do that. So I’m gonna tell you about that. When I first saw that, I said, I thought she tweeted that, and I said, “Someone must have hacked her.” She would never do this. She would never do that. Um, I sent it to her, and she said, ‘I liked that by accident,'” Kyle told Teddi.

However, Teddi wasn’t buying it.

“Well, just like, she didn’t actually get Lisa Rinna’s texts. Then Andy pulled them up at the reunion,” Teddi quipped.

“Well, I’m just telling you she said she had liked it by accident. Um, you know, even Kim will tell you, you know, that being on the Housewives, um, helped her. And you know, I’m not gonna go back in time. You cannot understand family dynamics. You can think you do because you’ve watched the show,” Kyle explained. “You have no idea what happens behind closed doors. You have no idea [of] the history. I’m not about to come and explain the history to everybody to make my life more complicated.”

“So if I have to have people hate me for thinking a certain thing, um, I’ll take it. I’d rather have people that don’t know me think I’m an asshole than deal with more problems with my own blood by speaking up. Hey, you know, I will have my husband say, “Why didn’t you speak up and say this?” Because it will make it worse. It could be one month of not talking or 10 years. So what’s better for me?” she continued.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return for season 13 in 2023.

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