RHOP Recap: Not All Fun and Games

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Family Fun Day has arrived for the Real Housewives of Potomac.

Before the big day, everyone is in prep mode for various things in their life. Wendy tells Eddie about the current drama within the group. Eddie is shocked by Gizelle accusations against Chris. As they talk, Wendy reveals she wasn’t invited to Robyn’s Family Fun Day and is bummed about it. The conversation moves to Wendy’s plans to open a bar with Peter Thomas, and Eddie doesn’t seem on board. He’s even less thrilled when Wendy tells him it will cost $1.6M to get the bar off the ground.

Robyn, Juan, and their two sons practice for Family Fun Day. Afterward, Robyn downloads Juan on the recent beef between Gizelle and Chris. Juan thinks Chris should apologize just to smooth things over. Robyn then shares her idea to have Candiace play Auntie to Wendy’s kids and bring them to Family Fun Day. She calls Candiace and asks her to run this by Wendy.

Ashley, on the other hand, is preparing to go public with her divorce from Michael. She shares a joint statement she and Michael plan to release in the next few weeks.

At Family Fun Day, it’s not all fun and games. Turns out Juan is missing in action. Talk about weird for a family event but whatever. Mia, G, their one son, and daughter attend the event. Gizelle arrives as do Karen and Charrisse. Karen doesn’t seem thrilled to see Charrisse. The event is slow to start as Robyn doesn’t seem to have much of a schedule planned for the events. Gizelle takes charge, and the events start. Karen is down and out after one event as she starts uncontrollably coughing. She mentions having a respiratory infection – why run in a race with a respiratory infection?! Karen leaves the event, and Robyn and Gizelle make it known that Karen really left because of Charrisse. What is their beef exactly? When will it be revealed?

Candice eventually shows up solo and very late. She gives Gizelle the cold shoulder. Also late is Miss Ashley, who has her two cutie sons in tow. Ashley explains that she’s having trouble finding a house but is still on the hunt. She also reveals that today has been a difficult day as Michael had a vasectomy. Ashley also reveals that Michael thinks she’s trying to get pregnant despite them not having sex. The ladies seem confused. Aren’t we all? Mia says Ashley should have had a few more kids with Michael to get all the child support she could out of him. Ashley admits that it’s hard to close the chapter on the idea of not having any more kids with Michael. She also seems to shed some light on her and Michael’s split. Turns out Michael still wants to engage in threesomes, and she doesn’t. Ashley acknowledges that they used to do this quite often prior to having kids, but since then, Ashley has changed her ways, and Michael did not.

As the event is winding down, Ashley asks Candiace about her egg retrieval. Candiace explains she had to push the retrieval because things aren’t going to plan. She admits she’s worried and stressed about the setback. Ashley encourages Candiace to stay positive and not look at it as a setback. She thinks Candiace will be a good mom and reveals that she prays Candiace eventually becomes a mom. Candiace is flattered but is also worried about Ashley’s voodoo. It’s all good vibes, Candiace; no worries.

The episode ends with the news of Ashley and Michael’s divorce breaking in the press. It seems that Ashley and Michael’s plan to release a joint statement gets tossed in the trash when someone leaks the news to the press. Ashley is upset over this, especially because she can’t get a hold of Michael, who flew to Las Vegas that morning. She doesn’t want the press to blame this all on Michael and make him look bad – too late for that. Michael isn’t responding to text messages and seems to have turned off his phone. Ashley tells her publicist to release her and Michael’s statement since he previously gave it his approval.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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