RHOBH Recap: Erika Jayne Gets Into Explosive Fight With Co-Stars Over Tom Girardi’s Alleged Victims

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Erika Jayne’s true colors came shining through during Wednesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But before we get to Erika’s not-so-pretty meltdown, let’s dive into what led up to the event.

The episode kicked off with Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Lisa Rinna discussing the drama from the night before. Kyle says that Sutton Stracke is a different person one-on-one than she is in a group situation, and Erika agrees.

The ladies then began getting ready for their day out and about in Aspen. Kyle, Lisa, Dorit Kemsley, Crystal Minkoff, and Diana Jenkins hit the slopes, while Erika, Sutton, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sheree Zampino went snowmobiling. Kathy, on the other hand, stayed at Kyle’s home and slept.

After a day in the snow, the ladies did their best après-ski before heading to dinner as a group. While Crystal was getting ready for dinner, Garcelle brought up Erika’s legal drama with a pair of $1.3 million diamond earrings she received from her ex-husband Tom Girardi. It is believed the earrings were bought with stolen funds from Tom’s clients. A judge recently ruled that to be true.

“That whole earring thing is like it’s everywhere,” Garcelle told Crystal.

“Clearly, her position is that she is also a victim,” Crystal added. “But the things that you’re wearing, the things you own is an ill-gotten gain. And, like, I wouldn’t want it.”

At dinner, the ladies started talking about all things designer. Erika chimes in that she has a never worn Alexander McQueen Python coat. She’s also wearing a $1,800 Bottega Veneta Clutch she bought over a decade ago and never used but brought on the trip.

Garcelle is taken aback by Erika discussing all the luxurious things she has in her life, considering Tom’s alleged victims have nothing. There’s also a good chance that all these items were bought with money belonging to Tom’s clients.

“Erika is just so used to a certain lifestyle that she’s not even putting together that, given the situation with Tom, this is not the time to be talking about these expensive bags or how much money you spent. This is not a good look. Like, what the f—?” Garcelle vented in her confessional interview.

The Real host decided to take the risk and broach the subject of the infamous diamond earrings with Erika. She asked Erika what $750k earrings look like.

“They’re $1.3 [million],” Erika said, adding that she’ll wear the earrings the next day. Garcelle then asks Erika if she wants to return them, to which Erika replies, “If they [are] deemed not mine, then that’s the truth.”

“Well, don’t you just think you should give them up anyway?” Garcelle asks. Erika says she will return them if she’s ordered to, but Garcelle hints that she should return the earrings regardless as it’s what is right for the victims. Erika disagrees, saying, “If a judge says you should, I will.”

“Am I the one who represented them? Am I the one who signed those checks?” Erika asked to which Garcelle replied, “You have something that could maybe help.”

The Pretty Mess singer continued to defend herself.

“How do you separate the two? I couldn’t do it,” Garcelle admitted. “Why wouldn’t you just go, ‘F— it. Let’s pay the victims.’ It’s not saying, ‘I’m guilty.’ It’s saying, ‘I have compassion. I have a heart.'”

“Are they stolen?” Erika asked. “You know what I say? I’m not guilty, and how f—ing dare you to say that s— about me. And I’m fighting like a f—ing devil.”

Garcelle then asked Erika if she cares if the earrings were purchased with stolen money. Erika said, “It needs to be a final order. It needs to be justice under the law, and guess what? If I’m a liar, it’ll be proven I’m a liar.”

Back at the group’s rental home, the conversation about Erika’s earrings picked up again when Garcelle told Crystal about her conversation with Erika.  Garcelle called Erika over to be a part of the convo.

Erika made it clear she’s not doing anything above and beyond what she is legally required to do when it comes to handing over her belongings.

“I’m not going to do anything that is not required of me under the law,” she said.

“Is there something that you might want to do outside of the law?” Crystal asked to which Erika replied, “No, absolutely not. People sued me. I have my response. Until a judge decides, that’s it.”

Garcelle then asked if Erika didn’t want to return the earrings because it would make her look guilty.

“I’m not guilty,” Erika fired back. “That’s why I fight as hard as I do.”

Crystal said returning the earrings is about making Tom’s alleged victims whole again, but Erika disagrees. According to Erika, a court of law makes people whole again, not the court of public opinion.

Erika yelled, “The law matters, and if you don’t understand that, you’re an amateur and get the f— out. Just because someone alleges that you did s—, you’re going to throw your hands up and say, ‘I did! Oh my God, I feel so bad! People are thinking I’m terrible!’ Hold on a f—ing minute. That’s one side of the story. Let’s tell the other f—ing side.”

Buckle up because things take an ugly turn from this point on.

Erika then argues that the class action lawsuit has yet to be proven true, adding that they still need to find out what “did or did not happen to their settlement money.”

She said she feels bad for the “potential victims” however the word “potential” didn’t sit well with the ladies, but Erika doesn’t care.

“Yeah, because who knows if they’re true or not,” she argued. “Because someone said something does not make it true.”

This comment disgusted Garcelle, who sounded off in her confessional interview, saying,  “For two decades, Erika was living this lavish lifestyle off the backs of these victims. Even if Erika is innocent, her refusing to give anything back is beyond me.”

Kyle agreed, in her own confessional, adding, “If it were me in her shoes, I would be making a statement about how I do care about the victims and please be patient with the process… something along those lines.”

“I don’t give a f— about anybody else but me!” Erika said to the group. “Why am I catching the sins of somebody that I divorced? They’re not my victims.  I’ve been a wife that’s been left in ruins.”

“People died, and the families are left in the aftermath,” Kyle fired back. “You’re not showing any compassion!”

Lisa interjected and decided that Erika has already said too much and that it was time to get her out of this situation. However, Erika continued to put her foot in her mouth.

“Why am I catching the sins of somebody that I divorced?” Erika asked as Diana and Lisa dragged her out of the rental home.

“I’m not fucking caving into some s–t. Caving ‘cause people think I should feel some way,” she continued. “Let it play out in the court of law! I pray to God your f–king s–t doesn’t end up like mine.”

“F–k you all! What about the facts, dumb f–ks?” Erika shouted from the driveway before adding that she could have stayed all night to “fight with these f–king bitches.”

>The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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