Brandi Glanville Says She’s ‘Not Sorry’ After Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Releases TikTox Exposing Her Rage Texts

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Sorry, not sorry is Brandi Glanville’s motto amid her latest scandal.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum says she’s “not sorry” for rage-texting her son, Mason Cibriani’s ex-girlfriend, following their split.

Earlier this week, Mason’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Bernhardt, released rage-filled text messages Brandi sent her after she and Mason split.

In the texts, Brandi tells Bella to “stop f—king” with one of her kids.

“I’m not f—king joking leave him alone and let him heal and stay in your own f—king room,” Brandi allegedly wrote via text message.

“You don’t get to have your f—king cake and eat it too, and you think you’re crazy??? you don’t wanna f—k with my crazy.”

Bella replied to the Drinking and Tweeting author, saying, “Hi [redacted] I’m not sure what [redacted has] been telling you but I have not been f—king with him at all by any standards or means. I told [redacted] I wanted to completely remove myself from his life for a while so he can heal, and he begged me not to do that.”

She went on to claim that Brandi’s son asked her to stick around despite their split. Bella also insisted that she “wouldn’t do anything to F—k with” him.

“I’m not a bad person. People break up, and that is just something he has to deal with; I’ve had to deal with it too, and it hasn’t been easy for me either,” Bella continued. “But me breaking up with [redacted] does not make me a bad nor malicious person.”

“I’m not crazy; I’m a very sane person actually, so please don’t call me something I’m not,” she added.

“However, you dming your son’s 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, and threatening her, is. It is also wildly inappropriate; please do not reach out to me like this again.”

After the above messages made their way around social media, Brandi spoke out and made it clear she has zero regrets.

“NOT SORRY!!! Mama Bear to the end,” the Unfiltered podcast host wrote via Twitter on Wednesday.“That is all I’m going to say on the subject; happy Wednesday.”

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