Meghan McCain Says She and Erika Jayne ‘Bond Over Being Hated’; Admits She Doesn’t Get Why People Think Erika is ‘Icy’

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Meghan McCain’s bond with Erika Jayne has only intensified over the years.

The former host of The View recently revealed that she and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star special connection; noting that Erika is her “personal friend for real.”

“We text and FaceTime,” Meghan told Carlos King on his podcast, Reality With the King. “She’s a wonderful person. I know everything everyone has to say — I know everything — and I don’t care what haters have to say. She came on The View and performed on my birthday.”

“She’s a wonderful person. Had the pandemic not gone on, she was going to perform at my baby shower,” she added. “She’s one of the first people I told I was pregnant! She’s a lovely person.”

Meghan went on to explain that she and Erika “bond over being hated.”

“She knows what it feels like to have the world feel you’re, whatever — crazy dismissive and things,” Meghan continued. “I adore her. Like I said, she has such a good heart. I knew s— was coming down with her before the press did; she was candid with me. We’re real friends. I will ride for her forever.”

The Bad Republican author touched upon Erika’s legal woes saying, “There hasn’t been a trial. She hasn’t been charged.”

Shortly after filing for divorce in November 2021, Erika and her estranged husband Tom Girardi were slapped with a lawsuit claiming they embezzled money from the families of Boeing plane crash victims. Erika has denied any involvement in Tom’s alleged legal schemes.

Meghan went on to share her feelings about Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah’s legal drama. She admits she finds the reaction to Jen’s legal drama to be  “very, very hypocritical”  compared to how fans have treated Erika amid her legal troubles.

In March 2021, Jen was arrested for her alleged involvement in a nationwide telemarketing scheme. She pleaded not guilty and will head to trial in July 2022.

“Jen Shah is allowed to just traipse around, do a reunion where I didn’t think her feet were held to the fire in the way that she should have,” Meghan said.

“She’s going to the New York District Court attorney,” she continued. “I actually texted one of my girlfriends who works for Fox News and she’s a lawyer, and she’s like, ‘These charges against Jen Shah are no joke.’ She was like, ‘It’s absolutely no joke. The level that it’s rising to, and if these people were involved…’ — you can’t obviously convict anyone until there’s been a jury, but it’s bad. It’s very, very, very bad. And I felt like the media and the fans have really given Jen Shah a pass.”

Meghan believes Erika was given more “intense scrutiny” by the public and Bravo fans than Jen.

“I thought that was kind of bulls—,” she admitted.

To conclude, Meghan defended Erika and gushed over how fantastic she is which seems to get overlooked by Bravo fans.

“I never understood why people think she’s so icy,” Meghan said of Erika. “Maybe it’s because I’m very similar. I’m not best friends with everybody, I keep my social circle close, I trust who I trust, and I don’t think anybody should necessarily have that kind of agency over you, especially in times of crisis.”

She continued, “I know she was drowning for a long time and just trying to stay above water. If it comes out in court that she has done something wrong, fine. But until then, [I’m on her side].”

According to Meghan, Erika is “an actual friend of mine,” adding, “I cannot express to you how kind she has been to me, how loyal she has been to me.”

“She is extremely politically savvy, we talk about politics all the time. She watches cable news and she’s always freaked out about different things that are going on the world,” she said. “I really like her, and I don’t like people being mean to her. Maybe I’m just going to die on this hill with my other controversial women.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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