Blind Items

Blind Item: This RHOSLC Husband Is Sliding into the DMs of Someone Who Is NOT His Wife For Some Extracurricular Activities

Want some juicy scoop on your favorite reality TV stars?

Well, come a little closer – a little closer…okay…okay, NOT that close.

This tea is piping hot! So pour yourself a cup and come gossip and speculate with us! You know you want to!

A new BLIND ITEM from Bravo and Cocktails is spilling some MAJOR tea about one of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Blind Item: “A husband from RH Salt Lake City and I have talked over DMs. He travels to Chicago a couple [of] times [a] year and wants to meet up for some “extra activities” that he doesn’t want to get out since I’m a guy.”

Thoughts on this Blind Item? Who do you think this Blind Item is about? Sound off below!

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